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Category: DIY Interiors

DIY Interiors – I’ve had a long love affair with DIY. It’s definitely my favourite way to relax and I love nothing more than to experiment and get my hands dirty. There’s not too much furniture I’ve managed to leave alone in the house. So I’m going to show you some of my upcycling projects and how to do a bit of fluffing and buffing to make objects come alive and give a room that all-important X factor.

How to make a radiator cover

How to make a radiator cover and gas meter cover This is my post on how to make a radiator cover. If you can’t see the video, please click here.   Urgh cover it up! Now because we’ve been able to get out in the garden again I’m noticing some of the things I didn’t quite finish off last year. One of them is an ugly gas meter cover which has seen better days. Now I could replace it with a new ugly plastic cover but I’ve got an idea that’s going to keep both me and the gas man happy. This is also the way you could make a radiator cover, or indeed a way of disguising anything you don’t like in and out of the house! I must admit I’ve spent too much time worrying about how unattractive radiators are! Step-by-step guide First of all you want to measure your space. You need your depth, width and height. You also need to make sure the ground is level, which of course in my case it wasn’t! Cut your side panels and the top. I’m using a festool saw, but you can use a power saw or a hand saw…

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How to Make Concrete Art with a Rubber Mat

How to Make Concrete Art with a Rubber Mat This is my guide to creating concrete art with a rubber mat. If you can’t see the video please click here. The best policy I’ll be completely honest and say that there are some projects I wished I’d never started. I’d say there are many projects my family wishes I’d never started. This is one of them! I’d seen how you could make decorative paving stones using a frame, concrete and a rubber door mat. It looked too awesome to be trodden on. Instead I felt it needed to have pride of place on my wall. Here follows my sorry tale of the piece of art which nearly provoked me to chop off my own ear… OK so it wasn’t quite that dramatic but I did get a really bad blood blister from making it. No picture evidence here. Facebook live on the edge Seeing as I did this one as a Facebook live demo, I’m hoping you feel a little part of this journey. I got the feeling it was a little like watching car crash TV as I got out the hammer…with only minor injuries. We are back to…

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How to reupholster dining chairs and upcyle

How to reupholster dining chairs and generally upcycle them This is my post about how to reupholster dining chairs and generally upcycle them. If you can’t see the video please click here. It was taken from a Facebook live stream so apologies for the poor quality. One man’s trash… The dining room has been one of the final rooms to receive its finishing touches. One thing for sure was that the furniture was going to have to go. I sometimes wish I was the kind of person that could just pop along to a shop that sells new stuff and buy something! Alas, instead I spent weeks searching Ebay and Gumtree for the perfect set. I couldn’t resist these chairs as I immediately saw their potential. At £100 for eight what was there to resist anyway?!!! Oh maybe the fact I was going to have to spend days painting them… Anyway, I thought you might all like to see how easy it is to upholster dining chairs and painting was a necessary part of the upcycling process. I’ve been there and done that with kitchen chairs though so I was keen to find a quicker method this time. Fusion Mineral I was thrilled to discover…

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How to make a cushion to transform a room

How to make a cushion to transform a room Here is my post on making a simple cushion to transform the look of a room. If you can’t see the video please click here.   Cushty accessories Do you have a room that feels a bit bland and bleugh? Well don’t fret, there’s no need to break the bank to fix it. Simply add some clever and colourful accessories and that room will be singing a whole different tune. Cushions, for example, are a great start. To get the ideal size, colour and fabric though can take a lot of time and money. They are so simple to make though, so I thought I’d show you how. Forget about zips, piping and the rest, this is just a very simple piece of work. I’m using a machine – because I have one, but it wouldn’t take long to hand sew. In fact manual sewing can be very therapeutic! To be cost effective why not use off-cuts which are often cushion size, or even buying a dream or shirt from a charity shop and using that fabric. You could use a more expensive fabric on the front and a cheaper one on the back to…

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Easy Tips on How to Create Hygge at Home

How to create hygge at home This is my post on how to create hygge at home. If you can’t see the video, please click here I’ll be honest, by January I’m a little over winter so need all the help I can get. This is when I really have to call on the powers of hygge to help me through. What is hygge? Pronounced ‘hooga’, hygge is a Danish word which roughly translates as cosy. It’s all about being kind to yourself in the winter months. I like to see it as a way of making winter not only bearable but an enjoyable period even once the Christmas decorations have been discarded. My hygge wardrobe Hygge is a lot to do with your surroundings, but I also think what you wear is really important. This is where the knitwear comes out…and I have a lot of it! Knitting together nicely So my hygge wear includes these sexy knitted long socks and my White Company cashmere robe. Once I also snuggle under this chunky knitted blanket and I’m already halfway there. For the ultimate in knitwear though, check out this mug-cosy my mum made – I have such an awesome mum! Surrounding…

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How to Create Christmas Property Porn with DIY Decorations

Christmas Property Porn This is my Christmas Property Porn post. If you can’t see the video please click here. It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas! I get ridiculously excited about Christmas, always have done always will! When I’m house-hunting, the main question I ask is “will this house work for Christmas?”. So the decorations come out early and they come out large. Some of them I’ve had for years, but I like to add bits as I go as well. I appreciate not everyone has the budget or the enthusiasm to camp it up for Crimbo so here are my top tips to help you along. Colour me Crimbo This may sound like it’s taking the fun out of it, but you need a colour scheme. It really upsets me when it looks like someone has just thrown everything they could find at a tree! You don’t have to have the same colours throughout your home, but do put some thought into it. This will also help you to know where to start. I love the combination of red and grey. Because my kitchen is already grey I knew this scheme would work. In the lounge I’m going for a tasteful white and silver theme. The simplicity of…

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Property Porn Paintathon Debrief!

Property Porn Paintathon Debrief This is the post for my Children In Need Property Porn Paintathon Debrief. If you can’t see the video please click here. Property Porn Paintathon Debrief We did it! On 16th November I encouraged people to watch paint dry as I painted for 24 hours straight, whilst giving tips. The full period was live streamed on Facebook for all to see. This was partly so I could move people to sponsor me for Children In Need. It was also so that no one could suspect I didn’t stick to it… and so that I would stick to it! As someone who likes their sleep I knew it was going to be challenging. It was definitely worth it. Together we raised over £1800 for CIN. I’m thrilled to say that many of you have also since upcycled items you might have otherwise thrown away! Property Porn Paintathon Debrief Thank you! So this post is more of a thanks to all those who helped support the Property Porn Paintathon. There were many of you! I’d imagined that through the night I’d have a break from talking and would just be listening to the radio. Instead I was kept awake and motivated by…

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How to Restore a Victorian Fireplace

How to Restore a Victorian Fireplace This is my post on how to restore a Victorian fireplace. If you can’t see the video, please click here.     Smokin’ I think my favourite smell in the whole world is chimney smoke. At this time of year I’m in my element when it fills the air. So I was going to dedicate my blog to the many a beautiful Victorian fireplace we have in this house. As I was researching my before footage and photos though I came across something that changed my focus. Hindsight I’d totally forgotten I’d done a piece to camera about my dining room fireplace specifically when I was pregnant. We had just taken over the house, I was heavily pregnant, and full of excitement for the project. Little did I know how tough it would end up being. It’s a good job I came across it now that the house is actually finished. A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to laugh at my fresh faced optimism… Fire beware This fireplace has been a real b&%$$£r to restore. It was boarded up with asbestos and the back and hearth were missing. The marble mantelpiece was…

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How to Paint Fabric with Chalk Paint – Armchair

How to Paint Fabric with Chalk Paint This is my guide for how to paint fabric with chalk paint – in this instance an armchair. If you can’t see the video please click here. If it doesn’t move paint it It has become a joke in my family that I simply cannot leave things alone. They think I would paint my pet Dexter if he were to sit still for long enough. Note to any overly sensitive animal lovers: this is a joke and I have no intention of painting the cat. I think the latest project came as a surprise though. My nanna (glamorous lady on the right) is not your hoarding type and every so often has a good old clear out. The latest item to get the chop was this attractively shaped bedroom chair. Now I was rather pleased as I’ve wanted one for a while, but of course it’s not grey enough for my house. The first and most obvious solution was to have it re-upholstered. I dutifully looked around, but unless I was prepared to actually sell my nanna to pay for it, this wasn’t a viable option. I feel really guilty saying this because I…

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