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Category: DIY Interiors

DIY Interiors – I’ve had a long love affair with DIY. It’s definitely my favourite way to relax and I love nothing more than to experiment and get my hands dirty. There’s not too much furniture I’ve managed to leave alone in the house. So I’m going to show you some of my upcycling projects and how to do a bit of fluffing and buffing to make objects come alive and give a room that all-important X factor.

How to Create Christmas Property Porn with DIY Decorations

Christmas Property Porn This is my Christmas Property Porn post. If you can’t see the video please click here. It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas! I get ridiculously excited about Christmas, always have done always will! When I’m house-hunting, the main question I ask is “will this house work for Christmas?”. So the decorations come…

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