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Category: The Home Genie Live

Why not come and have a chat with me in one of my Facebook lives. These generally happen on a weekly basis and always have a theme.

Sometimes we will be chatting about trends, sometimes about building advice and I have my trusted Doug The Builder to answer anything I can’t!

At times I will do live DIY demos, when you will get the chance to watch me in action and ask questions as I progress. You would be amazed at how interesting watching paint dry can be!

If you ever have a subject you would like me to focus on in a live, please let me know.

I post the more interesting live videos here – and you never know, you may even get a mention! You need to be logged into Facebook to view these.

Smart Goals For 2018

Smart goals for 2018 This is my post about setting smart goals for 2018. If you can’t see the video click here. This video was taken from a Facebook live so is poorer in quality and you need to be logged into Facebook to watch it. Walking the walk As…