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Outtakes – so, I don’t always get it right first time, and I thought you might like to see the very occasional mishap! Enjoy!

How To Make A Radiator Cover Bloopers

How To Make A Radiator Cover Bloopers These are the How To Make Radiator Cover bloopers. If you can’t see the video please click here. Polite notice I’d like to start by saying that no small children were harmed in the making of this video! It may also look like my daughter wasn’t enjoying herself, but watch out for that wry smile she gives showing that actually she just enjoys saying “no” to her mummy. I also only put her in there when she has been really naughty… The interesting thing about this particular video was that the DIY side was the smooth bit. Doug the builder was on hand to make sure everything went swimmingly. Mainly because he was kindly lending me his equipment! Snails anyone? Meanwhile my toddler Bonnie, who clearly has a real penchant for snails, was having none of it. What I didn’t include were the expletives when grandparents didn’t honour the sacred rule of being on set and decided to shout out before the end of the only perfect take I managed to get. If they weren’t such a cheap childcare option they’d be out on their ears – trust me! Not so comedy duo As…

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Outtakes of my hygge video

Outtakes of my Hygge Video This is my post about the outtakes of my Hygge video. If you can’t see the video click here.   Not knitting together very well So there are times when being a one man band can be a tad frustrating. This was clearly one of those days! Enjoy… If you actually want to find out how to create hygge at home here’s my more polished version. So you never miss a video, why not subscribe for free?  

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How to Paint Fabric Outtakes From the Video

How to paint fabric outtakes These are the ‘How to Paint Fabric Outtakes’. If you can’t see the video click here. When will I learn? So Bonnie is 19 months old now. If you’ve seen previous videos you will know that she’s never really been a great help with my hobby. Well I felt I should keep trying with her. Not because I’m a a particularly liberal ‘must let them express themselves even if it means drawing on the wall’ type of mother. Actually, I just wanted to spend time with her and had an armchair to paint. Did she slow me down? Yes. Did she get paint on the wall? Yes. Did she do a good job of helping me paint the armchair? Erm no.   Was it just one of the most fun and fulfilling things we’ve ever done together? Absolutely. I’m actually really excited now about her actually enjoying helping me with many more projects in the future. I may just need to foolproof the room better! The chair I actually think the chair behaved impeccably. Considering the amount of people that thought it was madness painting a fabric chair, it actually all went rather boringly well. Of course…

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Outtakes from How to Fit Floorboards

Outtakes from How to Fit Floorboards These are the outtakes from How to Fit Floorboards. If you can’t see the video click here. Working with a professional Watching Doug the builder fit the floorboards was a very obvious lesson in how getting a professional in to do anything around the house is always going to be quicker and give you a better finish. I might have hoped that seeing as I have been a professional talker for longer than I’d like to admit the same would be true of me. Instead, Doug the builder also breezed his way through presenting far more cleanly than my cutting with a jigsaw! Of course we did have some help from a very experienced foreman. After all Dexter the cat has been party to a few of our renovations now and really knows what he’s doing when it comes to checking out holes and jumping in paint trays… What with sirens and screaming children in the background I think we did a pretty good day’s worth of filming though. We also managed to fit floorboards in a very hot summer house with a billion angles (slight exaggeration there). Not sure Doug was too happy with my…

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Property Viewing Checklist Outtakes

Property Viewing Checklist Outtakes These are my property viewing checklist outtakes. If you can’t see the video please click here. Behind the scenes After some feedback on one of my recent videos I’ve decided to do some more videos on location, so this may be the last one at the end of my bed. Not only will this be more interesting viewing, but it will also prevent accidents like me knocking a pint of squash over my white counterpane and grey carpet! What some may fail to realise is that although these are fairly simple videos, the set-up can take me longer than the actual filming as I battle with changing sunlight, my hair not doing as it’s told and then finding the exact same sitting position when I need to take a loo break! I’m also dealing with low/no fee staff (mum and her partner Alan). The lure of fame has obviously lost its shine for my cat Dexter though as he’s been keeping himself to himself during recent shoots. For all the cat lovers out there, fear not I am sure he will return. I decided to add a few interesting cutaways this time, which involved me walking…

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Upcycling Pine Chairs Outtakes

Upcycling Pine Chairs Outtakes Here are my Upcycling Pine Chairs Outtakes. If you can’t see the video please click here It felt like such a good idea at the time. The sun was shining, there was the chance of a shower, but I always like to be optimistic. I had eight pine chairs I’d been itching to paint, so what could possibly go wrong? Well for one thing I had a combination of hay fever and a summer cold. I also had a toddler who clearly sees a career as a runner in her future, but isn’t quite there yet… For those of you who only tune into this channel for Dexter the cat, I’m afraid he was nowhere to be seen as he obviously realises that when there’s pine furniture and paint around, the air is likely to turn a little blue. Meet Alan You will, however, meet Alan today, my mum’s partner. He’s been doing his best to get in the background of one of these videos since I started filming and has finally made the cut… Alan is at times my manny, my washer upper (although I keep telling him I’d prefer to use the dishwasher, but…

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Lounge Mood Board Outtakes

Lounge Mood Board Outtakes Here are my Lounge Mood Board Outtakes. If you can’t see the video click here If you want to see the more sensible, and hopefully informative version of the video, along with the written version, check this out. Starring… Now of course you would expect to see my cat Dexter, because he can’t keep away from the camera – please note that he has been on a diet so any compliments on his new svelte figure will be much appreciated – don’t mention to him that because of his long fur it’s hardly noticeable, he’s quite precious about these things… My toddler Bonnie also obviously pokes her head. Today though you also get to meet my mum. Now this isn’t the best representation of her, I assure you she really isn’t that vacant usually – and she really doesn’t look like a hound dog bless her!!! One man band One of the frustrating things about being a one man band is trying to check sound and vision while also talking in front of the camera. You will notice there are a few outfit changes, and I had to go without the necklace in the end – for obvious…

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My House Renovation – The Outtakes

Outtakes Here are the outtakes of my house renovation vlog. If you can’t see this video click here These are the bits that weren’t meant to happen – obviously.   Yes the fame clearly has gone to Dexter’s head and clearly he’s angling to push me out… Evidently having a camera man doesn’t make me any more professional… And my daughter Bonnie clearly doesn’t listen to a word I say. If you’re interested in the more polished version and want to see before and afters of my current renovation then you can read the blog and watch the vlog. I show you how this …           Became this…       Next video and post out on Thursday 7 June when I take you through a mood board I’ve created to lift the lounge decor. Please do let me know your feedback, it’s always good to hear what you guys like and want more of, but also what you haven’t found very useful! Subscribe If you want to be alerted when I bring out a new Property Porn blog and video you can subscribe for free.

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