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Yvonne Coomber – Colour Your Home With Art

Yvonne Coomber

This is my post on how to add colour to your home with art by Yvonne Coomber. If you can’t see the video please click here.

Afraid of colour

yvonne coomber usI’ve been accused of being way too safe with my decor, only using muted tones. It’s true my house is a bit of a shrine to white and grey!

So I’ve been working on bringing colour into my home.

With this in mind, of course I jumped at the opportunity to have artist Yvonne Coomber pop by.

I’ve always loved her work, it’s just so full of colour and happiness. Nothing prepared me though for the impact her pieces would have on some of the rooms.

Meet the artist

yvonne coomber snugYvonne is one of those people who oozes happiness. When she and her husband arrived at my front door they seemed to bring an air of calm with them.

We started by looking at what we could add to my snug.

This is a room I’ve tried to make feel a bit like a conservatory with lots of plants. It’s still quite plain though.

We put up Yvonne’s Summertime Kisses which she described as a ‘celebration of the foxgloves, the campions and the daisies doing their thing in the middle of summer’.

It just injected a whole new element to the room, making it feel very bright and joyful.


yvonne coomber chairI totally fell in love with the cushions made from the fabric version of Yvonne’s artwork. These alone just brought the room to life.

Together with a lampshade the look created was what I’m going to coin ‘psychedelic chic’!

Apparently there are other furnishings you can buy upholstered with this fabric which I just think would be electric in an otherwise plain room.


Better than bog standard

yvonne coomber before bathroom yvonne coomber after bathroomI love my bathroom. It’s so relaxing with it’s white and grey, set off by some exposed brickwork.

As we were putting up Bliss I wasn’t expecting to like the influx of colour in my room of tranquility.

There it was though in all its glory just adding a wow factor I couldn’t have imagined.

As Yvonne pointed out ‘even with the kaleidoscope of colour’ of this piece it can still bring a sense of calm.

Corner of colour

yvonne coomber folkyNext up was one of the spare rooms I modelled on the feeling I get when by the seaside in Folkestone.

There are two walls which I need to add something to. I did think having two colourful pieces so close together wouldn’t work, but again I was wrong!

The Sea Sings of your Loveon the left, reminded me of having cliff top picnics next to wild flowers in the summer.

On the right is Let’s Dance, Yvonne’s tribute to one of her childhood heroes David Bowie.

I think you will agree that corner of the room dances with these pieces.

Lounging art

yvonne coomber lounge before yvonne coomber lounge afterI’m still working on the colour scheme of my lounge so I was excited to see how her art would enhance it.

One of the things I think I learned from seeing so much colour everywhere was that you don’t always have to commit to one in particular.

If you have a piece by Yvonne Coomber which has such a rainbow of tones, it gives you lots of options. This means that if you change your decor over the years all you have to do is pick out a couple of the colours to work with and the room will sing.

yvonne coomber cushionsSo go on, live a little and add that much needed colour to one of your rooms. Have a think about how that room affects your mood – if negatively it’s highly likely lack of colour will be playing its part.

If you have a look at the Yvonne Coomber website you will notice that there’s something for all budgets.

I’ve already started saving for an original though!

If you’re interested in seeing how I’m trying to add colour to my lounge check out my mood board.

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  1. Seán O'Connell Seán O'Connell

    Wow, Georgina you’re so right about that shot of colour in the bathroom – that painting against the brick wall just brings this space to life. The genius thing about these images is that they’re vibrant but they also introduce tranquility to the rooms, too.

    • They really are stunning aren’t they. I feel quite bereft when we took them down!

      • Seán O'Connell Seán O'Connell

        You could even maybe borrow one or two when Veronica does her shoot!

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