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The Home Genie Facebook Live – Property Goals 2017

The Home Genie Live – Property Goals for 2017

Here is my live post on my property goals for 2017. If you can’t see this video please click here.


No resolutions in this house

My spring clean happens at the start of the year . I love January as it feels like the perfect time for a  mind, body and home check.

After the purge of Christmas when the decorations have come down I do my stock check of the house to see what I want to finish, improve and start this year.

It feels like 2017 will be an exciting year as well. I thought I’d share my goals with you – partly as it will give me that added pressure to actually fulfil them!

I should point out that when I write my property goals they are pretty detailed, but I won’t bore you with that!

property goalsAll in the planning

Goal 1

To get planning permission for a piece of land I have. I will of course keep you posted on that process and pass on any tips.

Goal 2

To have bought and developed at least one of the buy-to-let properties I’ve been researching. My plan is to make it chic and welcoming – I don’t see why a rental property has to be done in magnolia!

Goal 3

This is quite a small one, but I have a trunk I bought probably more than 3 years ago. I have to have up-cycled that by the end of 2017!

I’ve now decided to explore my Polynesian roots and experiment with a tattoo design on it. I will of course share that in a post.

Goal 4

I’d love to have some kind of Property TV programme, even if it’s just online. So that is something I plan to make happen this year.

Goal 5

My final property goal has to be to make The Home Genie bigger and better! I plan to do more regular Facebook live broadcasts so if you don’t follow me on Facebook yet – get yourself over there!

Coming up

I have some exciting things coming up too. This week I am speaking at the Property Vault Medway event, sharing my tips on upcycling property.

I’ve also booked onto Sophie Robinson’s colour course in March to push me out of my comfort zone a little more.

Next week I have a lovely lady called Lynne coming round to give me a refresher session on my new sewing machine. I used to do a lot of sewing, but it’s fallen by the wayside over the years so it will be like seeing an old friend again.

What are your goals?

So what are your home goals for 2017? Your living space is so important to your mind and motivation that this is really worth thinking about.

In fact don’t just think about it. Write your thoughts down and make them into really positive, clear and realistic goals…with deadlines!

Unless you do this thoroughly you might as well whisper them to the wind (like my new phrase?!). Let’s make sure that in a year’s time we have some great stuff to reflect upon.

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  1. Darren Spencer Oast Architecture Ltd Darren Spencer Oast Architecture Ltd

    Hi Georgina. It would be great to work with yourself designing and getting the planning for your piece of land.

    • Thanks so much Darren but I’m afraid I’ve already engaged an architect. I will bear you in my mind for future projects though.

    • Thanks Darren, I’m afraid I already have an architect working for me

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