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Secrets of an Inventory Clerk – Landlords Beware!

inventory clerk findsSecrets of an inventory clerk

I recently came across an inventory clerk in Folkestone and was fascinated and frankly grossed out by some of his stories!!

Landlord, tenant or previous tenant, I thought you might like me to share his secrets.

When I lived in London, I was renting and moved 12 times. Every single time I made sure the place was spotless. Not least because I needed my deposit back!

I also think there has to be a sense of pride when it comes to this matter. Unfortunately it seems that not everyone shares this viewpoint. In fact I’ve experienced this lack of consideration even when buying a property!

Have a read of this and it may give you some sympathy for landlords!

What the inventory clerk found…

“Some people say I’m well suited to the world of property inspections due to my meticulous eye for detail. I’m sure friends make more of an effort to clean the house if they know I’m popping round!

Ok, so it’s always nice to be able to see the living room floor and know that your dinner is not being cooked in a kitchen skanky enough to rival those seen on Hoarders.

But for the most part, I’m a normal guy who just likes to see labels all facing the same way in the cupboard…in alphabetical order…

Generally, an average day as an inventory clerk involves browsing properties and making detailed notes on their current pre-rental condition. We are then doing the same mid-tenancy or at the end.

You usually expect to see some general wear and tear. A few scuffs on the walls or an oven that needs a good clean is standard.

toiletBogged down

But every now and then – usually on an unsuspecting Tuesday – you may be greeted by a toilet that has never been flushed. I mean NEVER BEEN CLEANED.

Footprints on the ceiling was a different one – the adjacent array of hooks did explain the footprints… to a degree! One can safely assume the hooks were not designed for hanging meat or intended to be some form of modern art.


And there are plenty of double-take moments. I had to pinch myself when I counted double the amount of plug sockets in the wall at a post-tenancy inspection.

I mean seriously, how many electrical outlets does one need?

plug holeOne tenant I’m convinced was trying to dig for gold, as the entire threshold had been pulled up out of the floor, complete with concrete slab and everything.

There have been many question marks in my life.

It seems some people have been taking advice from Sia and quite literally swinging from the chandeliers, with hanging light sockets to prove it.”

Property porn?

A bit of a departure from my usual world of mouth watering interiors. But hey it’s good to know how the other half lives!

I’m guessing if you’re a landlord going alone at the moment you might want to give my inventory clerk friend a call!

If you’re renting currently but looking to buy, you might want to check out my property viewing checklist.


  1. It WAS good to see you today!

  2. Richard Richard

    In answer to the question “how many electrical outlets does one need?”, of course the answer is always – the number of electrical outlets provided, plus one.

    • I love it – I think that’s the answer I’m going to use when I’m instructing electricians in the future – I think that will really help them!

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