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Georgina Burnett – the story so far…

Georgina Burnett – property and DIY interiors presenter

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Watch Georgina’s latest video on The Home Genie and her live DIY demonstrations on Facebook

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When Georgina Burnett was at school she wanted to be a television presenter, an estate agent or an opera singer…

She was born in Australia, but is a mix of European and Polynesian with a fascinating family history. Georgina moved to Dorset when she was three, but now lives in Kent.

Georgina graduated from Warwick University with a 2i in English Literature. The world of property came first in her career, selling houses and flats off-plan for Polaris World.

She soon started presenting for various channels including Hotels TV, One Move TV and My House TV.

Georgina Burnett
Georgina Burnett


Georgina has now appeared on a number of television and online channels. These days she is best known as the presenter of The Home Genie, including live DIY demonstrations on Facebook.

She also pops up now and again as a freelance presenter and reporter for BBC News and Weather.

When she’s not presenting she’s getting her hands dirty renovating her own properties.

DIY and property developing

Her almost obsessive passion for interior design, DIY and upcycling has brought her great success with mainly period properties. These have ranged from one-bed flats in Folkestone to her latest project, a seven-bed townhouse in Sevenoaks.

You can follow her adventures and tips by subscribing to her blog and vlog The Home Genie.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep Georgina busy, she’s also been life coaching for 10 years. She marries her skills as a property developer and coach by helping clients to transform their houses into inspiring homes. This has proved to be a key element in helping her clients reach their goals.

Follow Georgina on Twitter to hear about her latest interior design project and her life as a busy mum. She loves to hear about your day too!

As for the opera singing – well let’s just say she does more than whistle while she works…

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