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Home Coach

Georgina Burnett Life Coach
Georgina Burnett

Experienced life coach

Georgina has been life coaching for many years now, having trained with The Coaching Academy in 2006.

She offers a service to clients wishing to improve many areas of their lives. Together they set achievable goals and devise a strategy to reach them.

Business and career success, health and fitness, relationships and self esteem are some of the main issues she has tackled. She is proud of her many long term success stories.

Home coach

What sets her apart is that Georgina will assess the home environment to see how that may be stunting growth.

She offers advice and hands-on help to improve a living space – be it a room or a whole house.

Georgina’s eye for design and experience as a hands-on property developer combine well with her skills as a coach. This happy mix enables her to advise clients on how to improve their home to alter their whole outlook on life.

She may suggest mood-lifting décor, attractive ways to hide clutter or just an improved furniture layout. Making space for exercise may be crucial to achieve a health related goal. Sometimes a day is all it takes!

At times a motivational boost is what’s needed to finally get those niggling DIY jobs done to make a house a home. While some clients need help to make a place more saleable when moving is the most appropriate outcome.

NLP trained

Her training in NLP gives Georgina a whole host of techniques to enhance her role as life coach and has helped her to achieve great success with clients over the years.

Georgina has provided expert comments for many of the most popular publications. She has given advice on live radio for many stations, including BBC regionals, LBC and The Graham Torrington show. Georgina also voiced her expert opinion on Channel 5’s 50 Shocking Facts about Diet and Exercise.