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Naked Sprout Eco Toilet Roll Switch (ad)

Naked Sprout Eco Toilet Roll Switch

This is my post on my Naked Sprout eco friendly toilet roll switch. If you can’t view the post and video, please click here.


Naked Sprout eco toilet roll – what on earth?

Warning: after this, you are never going to look at what you wipe your bum with in the same way again!

So this is Naked Sprout toilet roll – ‘naked’ because it’s not individually wrapped. ‘Sprout’ because they’re made from bamboo or recycled cardboard boxes.

Erm cardboard boxes?

Doesn’t feel like cardboard – in fact I’ve been surprised by how super soft it is!

This is the first eco alternative item I’ve switched to in my The Home Greenie journey.

Have you noticed though, it’s brown, yes brown! That’s because it’s free from bleach and other harsh chemicals.

To be honest, why would you want to put those anywhere near your…?

But also why would you want to flush that stuff into the ocean?

So that brings me onto their manufacturing which is fossil fuel free (try saying that after a couple of wines!) this means they emit 50% fewer climate emissions compared to eco alternatives.

Also, for every box you buy, a donation is given to charity.

So, sustainable, soft and sympathetic – wiping my bum has never felt so good!

Many of you have asked me about the price comparison – well check this out.

As for the kids – my daughter loves it, my 3 year old son said he prefers the old one because his favourite colour is white (eyes roll!) he’ll learn – I’ll make sure he does!

I actually love the warm mocha colour as I think it makes a toilet or bathroom less clinical.

I’m in!

Now come hear my Insta live on Tuesday at 2030 GMT to hear more!


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