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Glass Doors To Enhance Home Interiors

Glass doors to enhance home interiors

This is my post on the glass doors and other internal doors I put into my recent self build. If you can’t view the video, please click here.

Glass doors to the soul of your home!

Not sure if that phrase actually makes any sense, but glass doors certainly help the flow of the property at least!

Anyway, I have finally finished my first self build. Having been curtailed by various issues – not least a small matter of a pandemic – it has taken a while!

glass doors belton
Classic Belton Bedroom Door

Internal doors are items a lot of people might forget to really look at before the last minute. So this is a guide as well as a showcase of the ones I chose. This research is particularly crucial if you’re going for glass doors.

I wanted solid wood, rather than cheap veneer ones, as I believe the quality of doors really sets the tone of a home.

I’d visualised the ideal glass doors I wanted as well, so the hunt was a long one!

Fussy? Moi?!

glass doors garage
Classic Belton Garage Door

Of course I’m fussy so I needed to see a wide range, so a big thank you to JBKind Doors for pandering to my every wish! I came across them when I was presenting at Grand Designs Live.

The bedroom and door to garage needed to be fire safe to satisfy build regulations. The style I went for was a Classic Belton because they look and feel high end, with the decorative moldings.

The design also works with the transitional style I’ve gone for in this property.

The fact the doors came primed saved me a lot of decorating time and money as they were ready to add whatever colour I wanted. This is something I’d highly recommend.

glass doors from stairs
Tobago lounge door

Glass doors to enhance your interiors

Again, the lounge door needed to be fire safe, but I really wanted it to have a lot of glass to spread the light through to the landing so I went for the Tobago. It’s worth mentioning that fire doors need to be fitted by an expert.

What I love about this is that as youglass doors inside lounge come up the stairs, the main room is revealed through the door, making the most of the light.

This effect has surpassed my expectations.

Due to some builder miscalculations, the doorway was actually moved and put on an angle. This issue was flagged whilst I was on holiday, which was so stressful, but luckily worked out in the end!

It was one of those happy accidents, as it actually makes the landing bigger and gives a more impressive entry to the room.

glass doors shower room
Clear Glazed Belton

Privacy idea for glass doors

For the shower rooms I also wanted glass doors, because there’s no natural light in there so I went for a clear glazed Belton.

I was going to add some frosting film, but I love the view to the shower room so much I’ve actually ended up installing a roller blind instead. This way you can enjoy the view to the loo, but have the option of privacy when you’re in there!

glass doorsI must also mention the curl handles, which I went for in satin nickel. I love the curve of these and they came with all the latches and fixings I needed (don’t forget these!)

Now you can’t just go and buy from JBKind Doors as they only supply to selected trade an retailers, so what I suggest is you search their website for what you want and then go to their ‘where to buy’ tab to find a supplier near you.

I want to point out that I was given a discount, but this was after I’d already chosen to purchase the doors from them. This was an agreement so they could use the video I was already making. The views are all my own.

You can see the ‘before’ photos of the plot of this self build in my How To Build A House post and video. There’s also a post and video on the Juliet balcony I’ve installed.

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!
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