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How Not To Market Student Accommodation

How not to market student accommodation

This is my post on how not to market student accommodation. If you can’t see the video please click here.


student accommodationNot so accommodating

I’m not going to start by pointing out how long it is since I was a student. I like to ignore that fact. In my head it was only yesterday.

Certainly some of the stories of the places I lived in whilst at Warwick University are still fresh in my mind.

Like the one that was so damp, if I left a towel on the floor it would be soaking wet the following day.

musicI stayed up for 48 hours straight decorating that bedroom. We could only live there for a few weeks as it was so uninhabitable!!!

I also had a friend who would wake up to find her landlord at the end of her bed. True story!!!

Benefit of hindsight

So this video is to entertain anyone who has ever rented as a young person with little to no money. It will hopefully also cheer up the parents left behind.

It’s should be helpful as both warning and information to prospective student landlords!

busThe following points are to be noted:

Location is key

A student wants to be able to crawl out of bed at the latest possible opportunity to make it on time to be 10 minutes late for lectures.

A student wants to be able to crawl into bed an hour before getting up to be 10 minutes late for lectures.

This means being near to bus or train stations.

cleaning rotaDid you say chores?

My house mates always knew when I’d been drinking vodka and red bull the night before. I’d wake up early the following day and clean the house. I would then collapse again by 10am.

I was a freak though. Students don’t clean.

landlordLeave me alone!

This is often the first time they have not had someone insist they wear a coat as they leave the front door.

Do not try to be their friend, you are a really old, boring person to them if born before 1995.

wifiNo fly without wifi

Wifi not good enough? You can forget it. I can only assume this one. When I was a student my mum had to rely on contacting me via a pager!!!!!!!!

If you’re a student reading this, google for the nearest library where you can find a Britannica Encyclopaedia that will tell you what a pager is.

Of course there is plenty more to bear in mind. These, however, are the essentials if you are thinking of cashing in on the student rental market.

If your student days are behind you and you’re looking to buy your home, check out my viewing checklist.

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