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Easy Tips On How To Hygge At Home

How to hygge at home

This is my post on how to hygge at home. If you can’t see the video, please click here

I’ll be honest, by January I’m a little over winter so need all the help I can get. This is when I really have to call on the powers of hygge to help me through.

What is hygge?

Pronounced ‘hooga’, hygge is a Danish word which roughly translates as cosy. It’s all about being kind to yourself in the winter months.

I like to see it as a way of making winter not only bearable but an enjoyable period even once the Christmas decorations have been discarded.

My hygge wardrobe

how to hygge socksHygge is a lot to do with your surroundings, but I also think what you wear is really important.

This is where the knitwear comes out…and I have a lot of it!

Knitting together nicely

So my hygge wardrobe includes these sexy knitted long socks and my White Company cashmere robe.

Once I also snuggle under this chunky knitted blanket I’m already halfway there.

how to hygge mugFor the ultimate in knitwear though, check out this mug-cosy my mum made. I have such an awesome mum!

Surrounding yourself with soft furnishings is very hygge as it envelopes you in cosiness.

Cheer up love!

I love muted tones generally, but when it’s a dreary day outside it’s great to have a bit more colour around as it really does lift your spirits.

how to hygge cushionThese cushions I just bought for my daughter’s playroom to cheer it up a bit. They’re not exactly haute interior design, but you would be amazed at what a difference a splash of colour can do for your mood.

I also don’t care when they inevitably get blueberry juice on them!


how to hygge plantsIf you don’t want to, or are afraid of experimenting with colour, then brighten the place up with plants.

Spoil yourself by regularly buying cut flowers.

Being surrounded by greenery – and let’s not forget that’s the Pantone colour for 2017 – really raises your mood.

In the winter we don’t spend as much time outside so it’s all about bringing the outside in – without the cold bit!

Switch it up

On that note, pay special attention to lighting.

how to hygge lightDuring the day I have to have my Lite Pod on. This is a light designed for sufferers of SAD.

Even if not diagnosed with the disorder, I think we can all benefit from such a light as you would not believe the difference it makes to your motivation.

Just ask my husband who thought it was a bit gimmicky at first but was won over within an hour!

Unfortunately it’s as ugly as sin, but it gets away with it because of how good it makes me feel!

Flaming glory

how to hygge woodwickDuring the evening you want softer, warm lighting though. This is where candles come in.

It’s that caveman thing isn’t it? The glow of a candle is just heavenly – and don’t forget more flattering!

My favourite for winter is this WoodWick Wood Smoke candle which smells like an open fire and even crackles like one.

The ultimate night in

So rather than hibernating through winter, make your house a comforting, welcoming place to be.

how to hygge friendsInvite friends and family to come over in their knitwear!

Light a fire if you have one, get out the board games and make winter a season to rate rather than hate!

That is how to hygge in your home.

If you’re looking to add some colour why not check out one of my mood boards.

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how to hygge how to hygge how to hygge

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