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How To Paint A Vase

How To Paint A Vase

This is my post on how to paint a vase. If you can’t see the video, click here.

Why not just buy one in the right colour?

Erm yeah you could do that. In fact buy a vase and base the colour scheme of the whole room around it!

how to paint a vase flowersSeriously I have done that before.

But one thing many people struggle with, when putting together a colour scheme, is finding the right accessories.

It can sometimes be a lengthy and expensive process to get the right colours.

So I like to take matters into my own hands. One way I do this is by buying second hand items and painting them. This obviously appeals to my thrifty side as well!

Glass act

how to paint a vase marabouYou can always find interesting shaped glass vases and jugs in charity shops for next to nothing, so that’s a good place to start.

I have been experimenting with a few different glass paints so I can tell you which one I found to be the best.

I’ve tried out three and I definitely found one to be a winner for this kind of project.

how to paint a vase brush marksThe paint from Marabou was slightly cheaper and I felt that was reflected in the result.

You brush it on, and you could see the brush strokes when finished. The only thing I would say is this could be an effect you go for and it’s easy to use.

Pebeo also make a brush on version called Vitrea, which is slightly more professional.

how to paint a vase pebeoYou get the same problem with this product, so it doesn’t feel right for large surface areas. But if I was doing more intricate stained glass work, that’s the one I would use.

In my opinion, the best one for painting glass vases, jugs and bottles is the Rustoleum Stained Glass Spray Paint.

how to paint a vase rustoleumOnce you get the hang of it you can get a really even finish and it’s a quick process too.

Guide to spray painting

You want to cover surfaces as it gets everywhere (including on my camera). I just used newspaper.

If you’re doing a lot of this I’d wear a face mask, and crack a window as it’s pretty fruity. Also make sure kids and pets aren’t around of course.

how to paint a vase sprayYou want to make sure you shake that can thoroughly when you’re first using it. I’d also spray a little bit on your newspaper or dust sheet because it can tend to splatter out on the first spray.

Also, holding it at 30cm away is very important to get a really even finish. Less is definitely more.

You’re much better off layering it than spraying on too much the first time as it will be patchy. Also keep turning it as you’re going.

It’s touch dry and and ready for the next coat in 15 – 20 minutes.

how to paint a vase dripHowever, I did experiment and if you go slightly closer and you want to have an effect where it actually runs down the glass, that looks quite cool.

If you really like the vase you’re spraying I’d practise on a couple of cheap glasses first.

You can also blend colours don’t forget. For example I did blue first, followed by green and I was thrilled with the teal I achieved.

how to paint a vase endGlassy interiors

As you can see it’s an effective way of getting just the right tone for your new colour scheme, quickly and cost effectively. You are also recycling a vase!

Please note you can’t put these painted items in the dishwasher.

And that’s how to paint a vase…well a glass one anyway.

how to paint a vase brokenBy the way, don’t leave a vase drying next to the edge of a table…apparently 10 pin bowling is big with cats these days…

If you want to watch the longer Facebook live video, from last summer it’s still available.

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