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Outtakes From How To Fit Floorboards

Outtakes from How to Fit Floorboards

These are the outtakes from How to Fit Floorboards. If you can’t see the video click here.

Working with a professional

Watching Doug the builder fit the floorboards was a very obvious lesson in how getting a professional in to do anything around the house is always going to be quicker and give you a better finish.

I might have hoped that seeing as I have been a professional talker for longer than I’d like to admit the same would be true of me. Instead, Doug the builder also breezed his way through presenting far more cleanly than my cutting with a jigsaw!

Of course we did have some help from a very experienced foreman. After all Dexter the cat has been party to a few of our renovations now and really knows what he’s doing when it comes to checking out holes and jumping in paint trays…

Dexter outtakes from how to fit floorboards

What with sirens and screaming children in the background I think we did a pretty good day’s worth of filming though. We also managed to fit floorboards in a very hot summer house with a billion angles (slight exaggeration there).

Not sure Doug was too happy with my interruptions. Apparently shoving a camera in his face and getting him to repeat things for different shots wasn’t conducive to getting the job done…

He summed up the day with the phrase “never work with animals or TV presenters” – so I’m not sure he’ll be hurrying back!!!

If you do have any questions to put to Doug the builder though, you can either contact him directly or send me a message. Your input may even inspire my next video.

For the video and written guide to fitting your own floorboards click here.

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