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Property Viewing Checklist Outtakes

Property Viewing Checklist Outtakes

These are my property viewing checklist outtakes. If you can’t see the video please click here.

Behind the scenes

After some feedback on one of my recent videos I’ve decided to do some more videos on location, so this may be the last one at the end of my bed.

Not only will this be more interesting viewing, but it will also prevent accidents like me knocking a pint of squash over my white counterpane and grey carpet!

viewing checklistWhat some may fail to realise is that although these are fairly simple videos, the set-up can take me longer than the actual filming as I battle with changing sunlight, my unruly hair not doing as it’s told and then finding the exact same sitting position again after taking a loo break!

I’m also dealing with low/no fee staff (mum and her partner Alan).

The lure of fame has obviously lost its shine for my cat Dexter though as he’s been keeping himself to himself during recent shoots. For all the cat lovers out there, fear not I am sure he will return.

I decided to add a few interesting cutaways this time, which involved me walking up and down my street until I got the right shot – can be hard being a one-man band sometimes, and jumping up and down in front of the camera.

It was certainly the first time I ever roamed the streets with a camera looking for an interesting roof to film…

Hopefully you will once again enjoy laughing at my expense, but if you should wish to watch the more serious and hopefully informative version of this blog and vlog where I give you some sage advice on what to look for when viewing properties then you may wish to go here.

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