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Art – Original and Affordable with The Home Genie

Art – Original and Affordable

This is my post on original, affordable art.


Priorities Georgina?

I’ll start with an update on my imminent self build. I’m still changing my mind about many features on a daily basis – surprise surprise!

Doug the builder and I are still to start the demolition of the garage that sits on the plot, and obviously the groundwork is the most crucial element of any build.

art websiteSo what have I been doing? Choosing art to put on the walls!

I came across an amazing site that I just have to share with you.

Art is something I truly value. I’m well aware though that to own original art is a mere dream for many. though is making it really accessible whilst helping some truly talented artists to get their names out there.

What I love about this site is that you can search by price, main colour, size, medium and genre.

I have been known to build the colour scheme of a room around a piece of art I already own. It’s great, if you already have the room decorated, to be able to find a piece that fits well as the finishing touch.

I know many buffs say that art doesn’t need to match the interiors, but for me (and many others I have talked to) this is really important.

Here’s a bit about the pieces I have chosen from this site.

Fiona Philipps

art fionaThis mixed media piece is “Long Grass’ by Fiona Philipps. When I received it I had a little flutter of excitement in my stomach as it’s such a happy piece.

Fiona says it describes a country garden in late spring with grass and wild flowers.

I love the playful colours in this. It’s really going to help bring a corner of a room to life.

Fiona draws inspiration from where she lives on the banks of the Dee estuary. Some of her paintings are influenced from childhood memories of living there and she favours a subtle palette.

Having gone to art college, Fiona returned to study fine art after having children.

Verity Westwood

art verityIn contrast is oil and acrylic painting ‘Our Special Secret’ by Verity Westwood.

This is quite a moody, dramatic piece. I chose this as I feel you can really lose yourself in it. I also feel it gives a sense of space and has a beautiful use of light.

Verity is from a village near Leeds and she has always enjoyed capturing the ever changing landscape of the Yorkshire Dales. She went to art school and has taught her craft for several years.

This particular piece reflects a ‘beautiful day in the valley where the view never fails to impress.’

Carol Wood

art CarolI actually have two pieces by Carol Wood. This oil piece of a floral landscape is ‘Meadow 1’.

Carol has been a professional artist for 10 years. Her work is often of ‘natural subjects, floral, landscapes and abstract’.

Having studied Art at Leeds College of Art & Design, she now provides work for both the private and commercial sectors.

art wood


For me her pieces are often vibrant like this one called ‘Glorious Ways’. I also notice the weather, or mood of the day is captured in her work.

What a gift!

I have often saved up to buy art for my husband as a special present.

What strikes me about a site like this though is that it’s a very affordable place to buy the perfect gift for someone.

They also have art for over £100, so well worth a look for art lovers with deeper pockets as well. Let me know what you think!

Meanwhile, I guess I’d better finalise my plans for the build so I have somewhere to hang these! You can check out more details on this here.

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!

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  1. Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

    Wow they’re really good, I especially like Verity Westwood “our special secret”. I suspect your self build will now be starting early next year – don’t send Doug out in the cold and wet!

    Good luck with the sponsorship for CIN! I’m probably not going to be able to follow you over the line that afternoon as I’ve got a massive craft fair to setup for that evening which lasts 3 days.

    • Doug the builder Doug the builder

      It will be started before Christmas Stuart… Cold or wet Georgina will be busy with
      a demolition hammer and skip loading. Nothing holds this lady back.. !!

      • Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

        Sounds like she’s a super hero…. does Georgina wear a cape with a big G on it?!

        Wish you both well – glad to hear the substation wires aren’t under the garage.Will be interesting to see what heating system she picks after asking us questions.

  2. Doug The Builder Doug The Builder

    I must say any of those pictures works for me.
    The frames that you have them mounted in can make them work in any setting be it old or new, young or old.

    Great post Georgina.

    • I know…and such amazing value too!

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