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Wine Storage Woes No More

Wine Storage Woes No More

This is my post on storing wine, if you can’t view the video please click here.

wine cooler officialThe cooler option

Now this may be the ultimate when it comes to first world problems, but picture the following if you will.

It’s been a tough day at work and all you want is a cold glass of Chardonnay when you get home. When you approach the fridge though you realise you didn’t replace the bottle you downed after yesterday’s hard day at work!

Or maybe you have a bottle of red you’ve been saving, but because it’s been bounced from one extreme temperature to another in your kitchen it’s not worth waiting for when you do open it.

If you’re seriously into your wine, you’re likely to accumulate a fair few bottles. These should be displayed in all their glory and in the right conditions. There’s only so much food you can leave out to make way for the wine after all!

Ultimate wine lover’s gift

So I think I have found the perfect gift for someone who has everything – in this case it’s a present for hubby!

Let’s face it a bottle of bubbly comes close (and, let’s be clear, I’m always going to be happy with that). But if you’re properly into your wine (which someone who has everything often is) then you need somewhere to store it all, and frankly the traditional kitchen fridge doesn’t cut the mustard (talking of which do you need to keep mustard in the fridge?).

Very cool!

wine cellar would be nice of course, but a more simple, cost effective solution is a freestanding wine cooler like this one from

How sexy is this? It’s the mQuvee WineServe 89. 

It holds up to 89 bottles and has energy class A. The wine storage technology is what makes this so cool though.

There are two adjustable zones (5-20 degrees °C), a compressor-based cooling system, carbon filter, wood shelves and uv-protected glass door.

So it’s more than just a cooler, you can store and age wines too.

There’s a touch control panel and an alarm goes off if the door is left open or if it reaches too high or low a temperature.

Of course the best part about this present is you can help to refresh the contents!

Don’t lose your bottle…

Once you’ve emptied a bottle, why not upcycle rather than recycle with my guide on spray painting glass?

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  1. Clare WEBSTER Clare WEBSTER


    I just knew you’d be a chardonnay girl. Still getting compliments on my painted chair you rescued !! Thanks

  2. Mr Stuart Terris Mr Stuart Terris

    I could do with that for my wine making. At the moment it’s left in a cool shed to mature.

    Question for me though, do you store vodka in the fridge, freezer or cupboard?

    • What is it that makes your shed so cool then Stuart? Is it the decor? I must admit, the vodka in our house probably dates from the last century and sits at the back of a cupboard! It’s not used very much at all!

  3. Mr Stuart Terris Mr Stuart Terris

    It’s the weather and direction Georgina. In summer it’s max 20c but it’s north facing so its cool. Its sat with logs and coal at the moment

    • Put it on your wish list and it’ll happen one day Debbie!

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