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Bathroom Styling With Spa Inspiration

Bathroom Styling With Spa Inspiration

This is my post on bathroom styling with spa inspiration. The video is from a Facebook live chat so you need to be logged into Facebook to view it.

Spa inspiration

Last weekend I had my first bath of the year. Don’t worry I have been showering!

bathroom styling victorianIt has probably been the busiest start to the year I’ve ever had. The thought of my home spa, of soaking in water with candles burning was my carrot to keep me going. That and a glass of champers… in the bath!

Having a special bathroom, or at least the best a bathroom can be, is important to me. But it’s often the room people neglect.

It’s perhaps the most intimidating room to renovate because of all the plumbing requirements. Don’t let that put you off though as redecorating your bathroom will give you a good start to your day. It really can cheer you up as soon as you head from the bed to the shower.

bathroom styling vanity untitHaving a bathroom fit for a spa could also increase your wellbeing as it will become a positive space in which you will want to relax when you have the time.

So I thought I’d go through my design tips for creating a home spa space.

Luxurious vanity unit

Having a vanity unit in your bathroom solves any storage issues you may have and can look amazing too. Whilst buying one of these luxurious pieces of furniture from a reputable brand such as Villeroy and Boch may have been really expensive in the past, I have found that shopping online from websites like Superbath can cut the cost considerably.

bathroom styling freestanding bathFreestanding bath

As the bathtub is most likely to be the largest piece of furniture in the room, you have the opportunity to make a real statement with the tub you choose. For this reason, if you have the space, I would advise installing a freestanding tub.

Whether you are opting for a traditional looking bathroom or a modern design, both of these aesthetics can be achieved by either opting for one with legs or a sleek trendy curve.

Incorporate wood and brick

bathroom styling woodCovered in tiles and ceramic items, the hard materials used in a bathroom can often leave the room feeling cold and not like a room you wish to spend large amounts of time in. To combat this feeling and transform your bathroom into a spa like haven try to include more natural feeling wood.

I’ve loved exposing brickwork in a few of my bathroom styling projects and wooden panelling on the lower half not only looks very sophisticated, but it also covers up messy plumbing.

Panels are the most effective way of achieving a spa look. Using wood can transform your bathroom into a sauna like haven. But if you don’t have the budget to complete this, even adding a wooden bathroom caddy or towel holder can add a feeling of warmth to the room.

For accessorising to get the boutique hotel feel to your bathroom check out my earlier post and video.

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This is a sponsored post, but the advice given is in line with my views.


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    Champagne in the bath with candles? Well you have deserved it!

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