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Boutique Interior Design Tips – Hotel Style For Your Home

Boutique Interior Design

This is my post on how to add boutique interior design style to your home . If you can’t see the video click here.

Infatuating interiors

Have you ever been to a boutique hotel and been bowled over by the bathroom? Or maybe you have lusted after a hotel bedroom in a magazine?

Well there are a few simple touches you can add to your own home to get that sumptuous boutique style.

boutique interior design loungeLustrous lounge

Your starting point has to be colour. You want rich and deep tones. Something like teal is absolutely ideal.

Then you want your contrasting colour. Zesty orange works brilliantly with teal.

Have a look at what is opposite your main chosen colour on the colour wheel though as this will pop nicely. This one you just dot around the room, you don’t want too much.

boutique interior design flowersGo for different textures so think velvets and silks.

Your flowers have to be fabulous, a real spray of colour that matches or complements your scheme.

They don’t have to be real and that will bring down your budget in the long run. It will also reduce your maintenance time of course.

Have at least one antique item in the room and you’re onto a winner. Something like a leather armchair is absolutely ideal but it doesn’t have to be that expensive.

boutique interior design bathroomBeauteous bathroom

It’s all about the finer details so you want to have strategically placed products. Go for high end brands like Jo Malone. These can be used sparingly, with a cheaper version hidden away!

How about something you wouldn’t expect to see in someone’s bathroom like an oversized elaborate mirror. This will also draw the eyes away from things you don’t want people to notice.

boutique interior design accessoriesNow you want to have cheeky but sophisticated accessories, no plastic please!

If you have got the space then add some separate furniture so its not all built in. This makes it feel more boutique than high street.

And that’s how you take your bathroom from bog standard to boutique in a flash.

By the way, you HAVE to fold your towels the right way here’s how.

Boutique Interior design bedroomBewitching bedroom

Now obviously it’s all about the bed. But if you can’t fit a four poster in then make sure you have more cushions than you could ever need.

Again go with lots of different kinds of textures like velvets, silks, perhaps even knitted cushions.

Make sure you have sumptuous linen as well, 100% cotton and heavy duty, which will not only feel but also look very boutique.

And of course clear away that side table – no clutter in the boutique bedroom.

boutique interior design pinkYou want to make sure you have plenty of flowers as well, giving you a really good splash of colour against a more muted, sophisticated background.

And that’s how you incorporate boutique interior design into your rooms.

Investing in some gorgeous artwork is a savvy move if you want coveted interiors. I love Yvonne Coomber’s work – look what it did for my house.

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Thank you to Veronica Rodriguez for the room photos



  1. Bex Bex

    Great advice! 🙂

  2. Hey, that was awesome read thanks for sharing such amazing tips new such a minute details before.

  3. Bravo! This post is really special for me as I’m thinking about this. Your design idea is gorgeous. Happy blogging.

    • Oh wow Alisha. Thank you so much for saying so – that’s so lovely. I’d love to know what you decide and how you get on. Will you keep me posted?

  4. I know flowers and plants are not suitable for bedrooms, but they actually make the room more comfortable. Fake flowers are really a good idea, how I never thought about them before!

    • Yeah there are some really lovely, realistic ones out there now too.

  5. Love these amazing Boutique Interior Design ideas! It would have been perfect this summer! We will add one before next hot season!

  6. Such a beautiful blog, I like it specially the bathroom. Thanks Georgina!

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