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Calum Best Journal – The Ideal Home Coaching Tool

Calum Best Journal – an ideal home coaching tool

This is my post on home coaching with the Calum Best journal. If you can’t view the full post or video, please click here. You need to be logged into Facebook to see the video.

How to be the Best Me every day!

I love it when you come across something that is very simple, but you wish you’d had it for years! This is especially true when I find new coaching tools. This latest one came from a surprising source!

calum best coverI met Calum Best at the Ideal Home Show as he was talking on stage before me about a product he’s just launched. He has a range of Best Me Life journals inspired by his own personal journey to success and mindfulness.

To reiterate, it is really simple and there are many similar journals available in places like Paperchase. This one for me is set out in a really helpful way though, and it’s the details it asks you to write each day that I think make it powerful. You won’t realise the power of that until you start using it, trust me.

Scheduled ‘to do’ list

There are many sections to it, including pages to help you review your week which is really effective. My favourites are the daily pages that start with a motivational quote.

I’ve always seen the benefit of having a scheduled daily list of jobs. What I love about this journal is that it ensures you don’t get bogged down with the mundane chores that can tend to eat your day. Yes they need to get done and will go on the list but the layout promotes your goals to the forefront of your mind.

Calum best double pageIt complements some of the home coaching tips I give clients. So I’m going to relate this to the goals of buying a home and improving it. These are all goals that many of us have but every day life can prevent us from reaching them if we let it.

Make your goals matter

You write your 3 main goals in life EVERY day so you are cementing them in your mind. This will guide how your day goes and will motivate you in the right direction.

This is so vital. It’s very easy to decide one day that finishing your home is the most important focus for you right now. You might even write it down. But if you are not reminding yourself of that every day the end result is not going to burn bright enough to guide you there.Calum Best goals and gratitude

Remember where focus goes, energy flows.

Gratitude with attitude

Really imperative is that it also asks you to consider what you are grateful for every morning. This may not seem of substance, but no matter how motivated, focussed and energetic you are, if you don’t value the journey and what you have right now you will never appreciate the goals you achieve anyway.

So this bit is all about stopping and smelling the roses so you know that your efforts are all worthwhile.

If you’re doing up your house remind yourself that you’re grateful for the roof over your head, or for the family in it, and/or the pets that give you joy every day (even if they do scratch or chew the furniture!).

Getting closer every day 

You are asked for 3 most important tasks as well. It’s often very easy for supposedly ‘urgent’ jobs like buying cat litter, finishing invoices or tidying the tupperware cupboard (yes really!) to monopolise your time.

Calum best tasksDeciding which 3 relevant acts will bring you closer to your goals on that day means you always have momentum, without being overwhelmed.

If you’re looking to buy a home, you may have said you will register with agents for weeks, even months. You may have had ‘book appointment with mortgage adviser’ on your ‘to do’ list for as long as you can remember.

It’s time to give these the seriousness they deserve, considering how critical they are for your goals.

Win, win, win!

Equally important is that you celebrate what you have achieved at the end of each day.

We can be so hard on ourselves, much harsher than we are with others. We can tend to get to the end of the day and only remember what we did wrong, what didn’t go right and what we didn’t get done.

calum best winsIt’s vital for your motivation and mental wellbeing that you celebrate the little wins. Even if I have had the most atrocious of days I will make sure I find something to fill out that bit.

So if all you have managed to do was buy some paint samples say ‘well done me’! It’s a step in the right direction after all!

Who am I?

You finish your day with affirmations. This is such a positive exercise to do before you go to bed, or the following morning. The daily page gives you space to write these.

You should begin with ‘I am’ or ‘I have’, even if it is a statement you are merely working towards achieving. Here are a couple of suggestions: ‘I have a house to be proud of’ or ‘I am motivated to find the home of my dreams’.

calum best fbI personally have found this journal from Calum Best to be a really effective tool. Oh and by the way it comes in other colours – not just the bright pink!

Fancy doing these exercises in real time with me? Check out the Facebook live chat I did this week.

If you’re struggling to set your goals in the first place have a look at my SMART goals guide. Or to help you sort your home out there’s a home goals post and video available.

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers! Did you also buy this after seeing Calum Best speak at the Ideal Home Show?If so how have you found it?

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    Thanks Georgina, lots of good tips

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    I can imagine it’s so helpful if you do though!
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