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Chewton Glen Hotel Review By The Home Genie

Chewton Glen Hotel Review By The Home Genie

This is my review of Chewton Glen Hotel. If you can’t view the full blog or video please click here.

Hotel show n’ tell

Chewton Glen Hotel Bonnie and meI often find the hotels I stay in inspire my approach to interiors. I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some really beautiful places around the globe through my work. Amazingly I’ve never been banned from any too!

So I thought it was worth sharing my experiences with you, as there’s nothing better than a first-hand recommendation!

A rainy day out

Chewton Glen Hotel welliesWell the last bank holiday was a rainy one – surprise surprise! My little family decided to have a weekend away where I grew up. In particular I wanted to visit the five star Chewton Glen Hotel in Hampshire.

This hotel is very close to my heart because I used to come carol singing here every Christmas as a child with The Highcliffe Choir.

I also had afternoon tea there for my hen party (after a pole dancing lesson, I might add!). Although I need to point out this is NOT a typical hen party establishment!!!Chewton Glen Hotel front

So it was wonderful to be back at Chewton Glen Hotel, as I find it a magical place with enchanting grounds.

Celeb spotting

Chewton Glen Hotel receptionIt is certainly a home from home for the rich and famous – it’s no secret that Chris Evans is a huge fan of the place.

I love the very sophisticated interiors as well. There are sumptuous burgundy features in the intimate reception.

Chewton Glen Hotel grey loungeNumerous lounge areas are dressed with harmonious schemes of greys and greens.

The welcoming dining rooms are refreshingly light and airy with tasty pops of lime green. Whilst a cosy bar uses clever lighting to make the most of traditional red walls.

Chewton Glen Hotel BonnieI brought my toddler Bonnie along and expected to feel a little on edge. It couldn’t have been more to the contrary though. The staff bent over backwards and she had a whale of a time!

Next time…

Chewton Glen Hotel limeI must point out that this barely scratches the surface, as there is so much I haven’t shown you.

Hopefully when I return it won’t be raining and I’ll be able to give you a tour of the grounds and their very cool tree house accommodation. There’s also the more casual ‘Kitchen’ restaurant run by James Martin and a spa to die for.

I’ll time it better to give you a sneaky peek at the rooms too!

Chewton Glen Hotel barIf you like the idea of having boutique hotel style interiors at home, check out my blog post and video.

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!

Just to let you know, I won’t be doing a post next week as I have a week focussed on writing my book ‘A Streetwise Guide to Buying, Improving and Selling Your Home’. My publisher’s deadline is looming!!!

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    Oh wow it looks amazing! Lucky but deserving you!

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