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My House Renovation – The Outtakes


Here are the outtakes of my house renovation vlog.

If you can’t see this video¬†click here

These are the bits that weren’t meant to happen – obviously.

Yes the fame clearly has gone to Dexter’s head and clearly he’s angling to push me out…

Evidently¬†having a camera man doesn’t make me any more professional…

And my daughter Bonnie clearly doesn’t listen to a word I say.

If you’re interested in the more polished version and want to see before and afters of my current renovation then you can read the blog and watch the vlog.

I show you how this …Outtakes This is a before picture of a dated room



Outtakes An after picture of a beautifully decorated Victorian bathroom




Became this…


Next video and post out on Thursday 7 June when I take you through a mood board I’ve created to lift the lounge decor.

Please do let me know your feedback, it’s always good to hear what you guys like and want more of, but also what you haven’t found very useful!


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  1. I’m sure there will be plenty more out takes to have a laugh at.. even more in the delete bin !!

  2. Big Al Big Al

    Be careful, your daughter and cat are about to steal the show. I believe they are professional outtake actors!!!!

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