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How To Choose Your Dream Skirting Board (ad)

How to choose your dream skirting board

This is my post on how to choose your dream skirting board. If you can’t view the video click here.

When I’m styling a room, I just fall in love with every feature. For this to happen I need everything to have a personality – even the skirting boards.


But I’m really trying to choose between Lawrence here – he’s flamboyant, fussy in a good way, but a true gent.


Or there’s the other end of the spectrum, Ben. He gets up early every day, is always dressed smart with a smile on his face. No dramas, no fuss with this little guy.



This is Harry. He makes his mark in his own way. He’s a little eccentric, but in an avant-garde kinda way.


15mm Grooved

And last but not least there’s Cristiano. He’s dedicated and sure of himself. He’s a little marmite, but he gets the job done.

It’s not just about looks though…

Of course it’s not all about looks.

You want to go for moisture resistant MDF. Super high density MDF ensures the designs are smooth and the final paint finish is perfect.

So when you’re choosing your skirting, make sure it’s coming from the right place like Skirting World.

They offer custom sizes on request, long 4200mm lengths meaning less joins on longer walls, and free and fast delivery to most of the UK.

You’d be amazed by how the skirting board can make or break a room.



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