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Ad. Wooden Door Restoration

Wooden Door Restoration

This is my post on my wooden door restoration. If you can’t view the video click here.

One of the features that drew me to the cottage I’m renovating in Folkestone was the solid wooden doors.

door restoration stainsTLC easy as 123!

But on closer inspection I realised they needed quite a bit of TLC!

There were quite a few stains and it looked as if maybe the frame was stripped of paint, but the job was never quite finished.

So I popped to my local Brewers to find out which products would best suit a renovation job on these particular doors.

I wanted to keep the natural wood finish so I was advised to use Osmo Wood Wax Finish.

But of course there was plenty of prep to do first!

door restoration cornerIt’s all in the prep!

The leftover paint needed to be removed from the mouldings of the doorframe, which fortunately flaked away quite easily.

I then used Osmo Wood Filler on any holes.

It’s always hard to achieve an identical look but it’s best to err on the darker side of a shade as this will be less noticeable than a lighter one.

Once the filler was dry, I used a medium 120-150 grit sandpaper to remove stains.

I finished off with a finer 220-240 grit paper. Remember to wear a mask by the way.

I then vacuumed away the dust and wiped over with a lint free cloth.

Osmo Wood Wax Finish from Brewers

door restoration osmo

Osmo Wood Wax Finish is ideal for internal wall panelling, mouldings and beams, as well as doors of course.

The item needs to be clean and dry before applying the wax, but first things first, it needs a good stir.

Always do a small test patch in a less visible area just to check it’s suitable.

It’s better to apply the first coat to all sides before installing an item. As this door was already hanging I was just careful to not let it close once I’d coated the sides.

The end result of my door restoration was a totally refreshed look. And it should stay looking good for longer too because of my thorough prep.

Shame there are another eight to do!

If it’s a kitchen worktop you’re looking to restore, check out this post and video.


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  1. Gino Antoniazzi Gino Antoniazzi

    Well done Georgina, nice job you’ve made of renovating the door.🚪x

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