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How To Create A Yellow And Grey Kitchen

How to create a yellow and grey kitchen

This is my post on how to create a yellow and grey kitchen. If you can’t view the video please click here.

50 shades…

Trends come and go and I think it’s fair to say we are all still loving the greys!

But I have to say I’m so pleased that Pantone chose to couple it with yellow for their colours of the year – particularly as yellow and grey happens to be the scheme of my kitchen!

My kitchen used to just be grey, but whichever shade you choose, you can have too much of a good thing. So I decided to inject some colour.

I think we all need that in our lives right now.

yellow kitchen

The room really needed cheering up. so I decided to go for sunny yellow – it’s such a lush combo with grey.

There’s always the risk that a fashionable colour scheme will tire quickly, but because I was only adding items to inject that colour into the room I felt quite confident.

Importantly it wasn’t going to cost the earth!

yellow dresserWhere to start

I started with the dresser as this was the ideal place to showcase my new colour. I basically shopped around to find anything I could that might help.

So I have yellow vases, I’ve lined the shelves with vibrant patterned serviettes and yes even a jar of feathers! It works..kind of!yellow mugs

The yellow colander I will probably never use but think it’s quite funky.

Even Dexter the cat has been given a yellow blanket to lie on as he loves to curl up on the bottom shelf!

More yellooooooow

yellow caddiesThe funny thing about when you have your eye on a colour is that you start to see it everywhere.

It was actually the day after I came to the decision to plump for yellow that I saw some canary tea and coffee caddies in a charity shop!

I replaced my green water bottles, and a couple of large yellow place mats from Zara Home have introduced the scheme to the island.

yellow runnerOne of my favourite finds was a yellow geometric runner from Janelle Design which goes brilliantly with the grey table.

Get fresh or faux

I love having fresh flowers and must admit I try to get yellow ones when possible, but it’s worth thinking of how to use preserved or dried flowers too.

yellow flowersThe spray shown in the video works brilliantly to fill the dull space above the cupboards and helps to get the colour up high.

Of course because it’s not at eye view it looks alive as well but is effort free. I toned it down with some dried eucalyptus.


yellow fruitI will admit I don’t fill the fruit bowl with yellow items, but I did for this video!!!

It’s quite nice in a kitchen to have little displays. If you haven’t the room for a welsh dresser you could get a cake stand like mine. I’ve filled it with anything small I could find in yellow and also some candles.

yellow carouselI call it my carousel of colour!

It’s really surprising how these small and inexpensive additions have really brightened up the room and give the sense of a grey and yellow scheme without it being too in your face. This is maybe something to consider if you want to revamp yours.

Since I made the video..

I’ve also come across other ways to get yellow and grey into a room. I’m loving this   funky FAB! wallpaper from the Mini Moderns X Albany Wallpaper Collection at

You would only need a small area of this to really liven up a room. If you want the exact colours to go with it, you can get it colour matched at your local Brewers Decorator Centre.

This sustainable geometric blanket from Atlantic Blankets in Cornwall is made from recycled fibres. It’s so soft and warm, but also reversible so I can decide if I want more yellow or grey.

I’ve also got my eye on these gorgeous seat pads from Loaf.

Finally, I’ve been on a decluttering frenzy and basically anything my daughter owns is now compartmentalised in a basket of some sort. This one is definitely my favourite!

If you want to add colour to your lounge, check out my post and video on how to make easy cushions which is a great way to add some colour to a room.

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