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How To Make An Ugly House Lovely

How To Make An Ugly House Lovely

This is my post on how to make an ugly house lovely. If you can’t see the video please click here.

Ugly house

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of ugly houses around that were definitely best left behind in another era.

If they are still standing strong though, I’d much rather transform them than knock down and rebuild – creating a lot of waste in the process. Sometimes it’s more expensive to do so, but not always.

Behind the scenes

My friend Chris Carroll, of All In One Property Solutions, has been working on a Colchester project being featured in George Clarke’s Ugly House To Lovely House.

So when he invited me to do some behind the scenes filming I jumped at the chance.

It’s a shame that I wasn’t allowed to use any of the footage I took of George and the crew, but it was a fun few days.

ugly house before
ugly house after

Seeing the transformation of the house was really inspiring. It’s the kind of project I’d like to take on some day – finding somewhere unappealing on the outside and turning it into something completely different. Injecting it with the wow factor.

It made me think, there are some simple rules you can follow to beautify your house.

Get some front

ugly house frontThey had added a staircase and impressive porch, which added dimensions to the former boring boxy feel.

Obviously doing something that extensive is going to cost a pretty penny, but even adding a modest porch to a house can give a plain house character.

I also always say that just modernising your front door is a big and easy step to changing the nature of the beast.

See past the now

ugly house glazingThis house now has a huge amount of glazing, both front and back. Not only do those extra windows modernise the architecture, but they obviously allow more light internally.

If it’s not possible or too expensive to add windows, just replacing your manky old UPVC ones will immediately give the place a facelift.

And I want to paint it black…

Actually it’s not often I want to paint anything black! Changing the colour or texture of the exterior of your house though will see an instant transformation.

This house used to be a dirty white with dated green panels. The black cladding they have added has given it an uber sexy vibe.

ugly house back
Back of house BEFORE
ugly house back after
Back of house AFTER

Before you think the upkeep would just be too much, the cladding is a rubber and fibreglass composite so won’t need to be touched for many years. Result!

So if you just apply one of these changes, and perhaps on a smaller scale, you can increase the kerb appeal of your home on a smaller budget.

If it’s ugly furniture you want to make lovely, then check out my post on upcycling a chaise longue.

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