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The Home Genie Litter Picking Marathon for Children in Need

This is my post about my Litter Picking Marathon for Children in Need. If you can’t view the video click here.

litterLitter Picking Marathon

I think that Children in Need is such a wonderful cause that I like to come up with slightly different ways to raise money.

Last year I painted furniture for 24 hours straight whilst talking to you guys live on Facebook.

This year I wanted to do something else and was inspired by the amount of litter I come across on my journey to my local train station.

Sponsor me please!

I am going to walk 26.2 miles (a marathon of course!) around my local area of Sevenoaks picking up litter. I’ll keep popping up every couple of hours on The Home Genie Facebook page to let people know how I’m getting on and maybe analyse the litter I’ve collected!

You can sponsor me at

I actually can’t believe that people are comfortable with dumping things in other people’s gardens (including mine). This especially annoys me as there are plenty of bins around!

My own litter story..

When I was a little girl I had this extraordinary neighbour called Linda. She was such a wonderful woman and cycled almost until the day she died of cancer.

She used to take my brothers and I for litter picking walks.

I loved those walks.

It probably also instilled an almost allergic reaction to seeing litter. I’ll admit I can’t help but say something if I see somebody drop anything.

Dropping litter is so rubbish

I feel sad that we have come to a point where people think it’s OK to be so selfish and inconsiderate enough to drop their garbage.

I don’t like feeling sad and angry though, so instead I’m going to do something about it.

I’m hoping that I will of course raise a healthy amount of money for Children in Need. I’m also hoping that by highlighting what I’m doing that even the most casual of litterers will think twice next time they simply can’t wait to get to a bin!

Bonnie, my toddler, will be coming along for a little of the journey so hopefully this will also teach her – although I feel like she is already really aware of this!

Of course I’m mainly doing this for the kiddies who so deserve a better start in life, but I’m also doing it for you Linda, you incredible woman.

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If you’re not keen on throwing any kind of rubbish out, you may like to see one of my upcycling projects where rejuvenate a chaise longue!

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