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How to Paint Fabric Outtakes From the Video

How to paint fabric outtakes

These are the ‘How to Paint Fabric Outtakes’. If you can’t see the video click here.

When will I learn?

So Bonnie is 19 months old now. If you’ve seen previous videos you will know that she’s never really been a great help with my hobby.

Well I felt I should keep trying with her. Not because I’m a a particularly liberal ‘must let them express themselves even if it means drawing on the wall’ type of mother.

Bonnie and Georgina in How to Paint Fabric OuttakesActually, I just wanted to spend time with her and had an armchair to paint.
Did she slow me down? Yes.

Did she get paint on the wall? Yes.

Did she do a good job of helping me paint the armchair? Erm no.


Was it just one of the most fun and fulfilling things we’ve ever done together? Absolutely.

I’m actually really excited now about her actually enjoying helping me with many more projects in the future. I may just need to foolproof the room better!

The chair

I actually think the chair behaved impeccably. Considering the amount of people that thought it was madness painting a fabric chair, it actually all went rather boringly well.

Of course having taught Bonnie not to stand on chairs and then encouraged her to do so on this one I have failed on one of the basics of good parenthood.

You will also notice that I use food as a bargaining tool. I shall continue to tell myself that as it’s blueberries rather than biscuits that it’s OK.

Oh and I feel I should probably say that my husband Andy doesn’t wear knickers…

If you would actually like to see the chair being painted properly, then click here for the sensible and hopefully more informative version.




  1. Chris Smee Chris Smee

    You love it all really Georgina! And Bonnie is 19 months old? Crikey, where’s that time gone?!!

    • I know it’s madness where time is going!

  2. Big Al Big Al

    Bonnie is a star in the making

  3. Samantha Samantha

    Thanks for the video!! ❤ What brand of paint did you use?

    • Thank you so much Samantha – I really love this chair! I used Rustoluem chalk paint in Winter Grey – you can see more about how I actually went about it in the video here.

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