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Lounge Mood Board Outtakes

Lounge Mood Board Outtakes

Here are my Lounge Mood Board Outtakes. If you can’t see the video click here

If you want to see the more sensible, and hopefully informative version of the video, along with the written version, check this out.


Now of course you would expect to see my cat Dexter, because he can’t keep away from the camera – please note that he has been on a diet so any compliments on his new svelte figure will be much appreciated – don’t mention to him that because of his long fur it’s hardly noticeable, he’s quite precious about these things…

My toddler Bonnie also obviously pokes her head.


mood board outtakesToday though you also get to meet my mum. Now this isn’t the best representation of her, I assure you she really isn’t that vacant usually – and she really doesn’t look like a hound dog bless her!!!

One man band

One of the frustrating things about being a one man band is trying to check sound and vision while also talking in front of the camera. You will notice there are a few outfit changes, and I had to go without the necklace in the end – for obvious reasons…

Trust me, it’s more painful having to watch myself make endless mistakes when drudging through the footage when editing than it is at the time (or for you watching possibly!).

My next blog and vlog, where I up-cycle some pine chairs will be out 21st July. It’s worth looking at my blog and vlog How to Up-Cycle a Pine Table first, if you haven’t already as the chairs go with it.

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  1. Chris Smee Chris Smee

    There’s no you’re going to keep the gorgeous Bonnie, or Dexter out of your videos Georgina! 😄

    • This is very true – although no sign of Dexter in the ones I’ve just edited (will be published in a couple of weeks) although I was in a pretty bad mood, so maybe he was keeping out of the way!!!

  2. Big Al Big Al

    Dexter is looking great. He obviously has a female in mind!!

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