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Upcycling Pine Chairs Outtakes

Upcycling Pine Chairs Outtakes

Here are my Upcycling Pine Chairs Outtakes. If you can’t see the video please click here

It felt like such a good idea at the time. The sun was shining, there was the chance of a shower, but I always like to be optimistic. I had eight pine chairs I’d been itching to paint, so what could possibly go wrong?Georgina prepares to paint 8 pine chairs - upcycling pine chairs outtakes

Well for one thing I had a combination of hay fever and a summer cold.

I also had a toddler who clearly sees a career as a runner in her future, but isn’t quite there yet…

For those of you who only tune into this channel for Dexter the cat, I’m afraid he was nowhere to be seen as he obviously realises that when there’s pine furniture and paint around, the air is likely to turn a little blue.

Meet Alan

You will, however, meet Alan today, my mum’s partner. He’s been doing his best to get in the background of one of these videos since I started filming and has finally made the cut…

Alan is at times my manny, my washer upper (although I keep telling him I’d prefer to use the dishwasher, but he can’t help himself), and he’s one of life’s doers so I forgive him for spoiling my take! Frankly I couldn’t do half of what I do without him, but don’t tell him that!

Overly optimistic

So my optimism where the weather the weather was concerned was misguided and I ended up having to transfer everything inside.

My optimism as to how long it would take for me to paint these ruddy chairs was also a little off, and so minutes turned into hours… turned into days…

My optimism that Bonnie would play nicely in the snug while mummy painted the chairs was just plain stupid.

If you would like to read and watch the instructional, more polished version, here it is:

Upcycling Pine Chairs

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  1. Danny Danny

    Made me smile 🙂

  2. John John

    “Oh FFS…” Haha, that summed it up then 😂😂, life would be boring if always went accordingly I guess.

    • And maybe not quite so rewarding in the end!

  3. Oh, the bleep button had to be pressed !! Was you having a bad day ?.. Chairs will do that to you.. But the outcome is well worth all the effort..

    • It was a rotten cold I had – so not good for the soul!

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