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Rainbow Wreath and Reindeer Wreath

Rainbow wreath and reindeer wreath

This is a video about how to make a rainbow wreath and reindeer wreath. If you can’t view the video, click here.

It’s all about the door

rainbow wreath reindeerTo be fair, for many of us Christmas this year is going to be more about what’s going on out the front of your house. With drive-by Christmas cheer all the rage you can spread some crimbo spirit by making more of your door.

So here are some of my DIY Christmas wreaths and I’m starting with my fir cone reindeer wreath, which has been causing a stir on ITV‘s This Morning and was also picked up by Ideal Home Magazine.

Fir cone bottoms!

That’s not a phrase I ever thought I’d be saying, but to make this one you need to get to the butt of the cone. So remove the top of the fir cones with a knife or pliers so they are flat enough to stick to the base.

This year I made all of my wreath bases from cardboard boxes – which have been in abundance, having been forced to do so much shopping online.

rainbow wreath ribbonStick your fir cone bottoms to your cardboard circle. glue or paint on eyes, a red pom pom nose a pipe cleaner antlers.

Hey presto you have a cheeky wreath to raise a smile.

Rainbow wreath

With rainbows all the rage, I decided to make a really colourful ribbon rainbow wreath.

Again I cut a cardboard circle and this time added some curtain interlining I had left over to raise it slightly.

rainbow wreath pom pomsI then glued separate pieces of colourful ribbon to cover it. The final touch was a ‘Merry Christmas’ banner made from card.

On the same theme I also glued some pom poms to a cardboard base for a wreath and to some fairy lights for a colourful garland.

Make sure you use fairy lights that won’t heat up.

I also made a colourful one by clipping decorated pegs to a cardboard base.

rainbow wreath pegsYou might also like to check out my favourite 5 decorations and my other Christmas decorating tips.

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  1. Merry Christmas Georgina
    Thank you for your lovely ideas, for making Christmas festive
    Simple but effective Family Fun,
    plenty of Drums, Trumpets, Recorders and Noisey toys.
    Have a lovely festive celebration with your Family.
    Keep me Posted, with plenty of new ideas,
    Steve, x x

    • Thanks Steve and same to you! x

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