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Quick Fix Christmas Decorations

Quick Fix Christmas Decorations

This is my post on quick fix Christmas decorations. If you can’t view the video click here.

quick fix Christmas mirrorPlease fix Christmas!

OK so I might not be able to fix Christmas this year.

However, if you’ve left it to the last minute to sort your decorations out, I’m here.

If guests are no longer coming, so you can’t be bothered to get the decorations out of the loft even, I’m here.

If you haven’t got any decorations because you were expecting to be elsewhere, I’m here.

quick fix christmas cushionBasically these are a couple of ideas to ‘Christmas up’ what you already have in your home.

This way, with minimal effort, your pad can still have some Christmas cheer – plus it will be easy to put away when it’s all over.

Quick fix Christmas cushions

First tackle your cushions. Take some Christmas ribbon – my personal favourite is tartan.

Wrap it around the cushion, like you would a parcel.

Tie it in an extravagant bow – I think it looks better just slightly off centre.

quick fix christmas chairIf you want to go the extra mile add some Christmas foliage.

There you have it – an instant lift to your lounge or bedroom and it only takes minutes.

Quick fix Christmas chairs

Now for the chairs. Take some festive ribbon or fabric and tie to the backs of the chairs.

You may have seen this done at weddings and it’s so effective. It’s also so quick and easy to do and adds some Crimbo magic to your dining room or kitchen.

Quick fix Christmas door

quick fix christmas doorWhile you’re at it, why not add a bow to your front door in the same way? You need quite a lot for this, but it’s definitely worth it.

No plastic in sight and easy to store for the rest of the year.

If you’re after some of my other Christmas decorating ideas check out these videos:

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  1. Don mason Don mason

    Great as usual Georgina – love you

  2. Yve coffey Yve coffey

    Just watched your decluttering feature on This Morning. Do you have the supplier info for the wooden concertina style filing item please, loved it. I’ve already been using some of those ideas. I’ve had a ‘going upstairs box’ on the stairs for years!

    • Hi Yve – thanks for watching. The filer you can get from Amazon or Wayfair. Happy decluttering!

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