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How To Style With Tiles Outtakes

Style with Tiles Outtakes

Here are my How to Style with Tiles Outtakes. If you can’t see the video, please click here.


One of the challenging things about filming Property Porn is that I have to frame up everything myself as there is no one to look through the camera.

This can be a lengthy process when doing pieces to camera. It involves much going backwards and forwards checking the camera and re-filming to get the right shot.

For this reason I decided to try out an intern…

tiles outtakesNew intern

She came with a strong reference from her dad and a cat called Dexter. I thought I was on to a good thing. I was certain this was going to speed up the filming process.

She was a little inexperienced, but that’s the idea of an intern right?

Unfortunately she didn’t seem to grasp the whole TV thing at all.

Sure she was keen, offering me umbrellas, keys and all manner of unwanted items. My intern was also very good at seeming busy, but didn’t seem to get much done.

Internship over…

Suffice to say, the internship didn’t last long and I’ve decided to carry on alone (until I have childcare issues again!).

Please note my unusual parenting approach of bribing my daughter with a leaf as opposed to biscuits!

The polished version

I hope you enjoy this completely unusable footage (actually mainly hopeless because I forgot to switch my mic on!). If you would like to watch the more sensible and hopefully inspiring version you can read and watch How to Style with Tiles. Here I take you on a tour of the tiles I’ve used in my home.

This last section in the porch took just about as long as the rest of it to film thanks to my helpful intern!

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