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How To Create Style With Tiles

Styling with tiles

This is my latest post giving you tips on how to create effects with tiles. If you can’t see the video click here.

Out on the tiles

kitchen tilesI’m not going to lie to you, in my day I was a bit of a party girl.

In recent years though the phrase ‘Georgina’s out on the tiles’ tends to mean a different thing!

It’s pretty exciting what you can get these days for a limited budget where tiles are concerned.

They really can make a room special too.Moroccan style tiles

In my current house I’ve been able to really feed my fetish for an interesting tile.

So today I’m going to give you a tour and hopefully inspire you to be a little adventurous!


We start in the kitchen, which is the room where I feel the most impact is.

I’ve gone for a fairly plain but timeless style of kitchen.

Not wanting the heart of the house to lack character though I created my own magic eye effect with these tiles.

I say I created it, but the truth is that a guy called Paul actually did the tiling in trepidation. I had to set them out in the exact order I wanted them to go – I know I’m a nightmare!

feature fireplace with tilesIf it doesn’t move tile it!

The plan was to have a wood burner in here, but alas it wasn’t possible for various reasons I won’t bore you with.

It did give me the opportunity to go further with these tiles and make a feature of this once brown fireplace though.

I’m certainly not a hoarder, but if I can use something rather than throw it out I will. tiles table These unwanted tile samples now make an interesting feature on my kitchen table and double up as hot plates.

Tiled hearths

Marble hearth tilesIt’s been hard work renovating the neglected Victorian fireplaces in this house, but has allowed me to widen the range of tiles used.

This black marble fireplace was missing a hearth, so these marble tiles came in handy.patterned hearth tiles

Because marble is porous you need to seal them to keep clean. You can either go for a matte finish or a wet look.

Never use sealant with working fireplaces though as it’s extremely flammable.

Victorians loved their green and burgundy tiles, but I jazzed up the lounge fireplace with these rather interesting patterned ones.

shower tilesBathroom

I love the light airiness of the bathroom, and wanted the subtle grey of the wallpaper to come through on the tiles as well. These were end of line so I had to locate them from all over the UK!

I’ve also used them as splash-backs in the shower room. One thing I’m not a big fan of is the metal or plastic trim used for edging. Instead I use a white tile paint to finish them off.

brick effect tiles

Just to prove that I can play it safe sometimes, I wanted to show you this simple splash-back in the top floor loo.

White brick effect tiles can work really well in small spaces. Because I have the busy toile wallpaper in here I didn’t want the tiles to steal the show.

This style also works well in more modern settings, particularly kitchens.

splashback tilesHowever in the ground floor toilet the plain white background meant I could be a bit more out there with the tiles.

I went for these Morrocan style ones.

They are actually better used in bigger spaces as they are cunningly joined together, but I love the lift they have given this otherwise boring lav.

Victorian floor tilesOn the floor

The tiles I’m most excited by are the ones I’ve had no say in whatsoever. They are the original Victorian floor tiles in the porch.

I’m yet to refurbish these, but they’re in pretty good condition.

So there we have it, what a beautiful first impression when people come to the door.

Have a think about where you could brighten up even the smallest of spaces.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone with some eye-catching tiles!

Tiles can also be enhanced by the effect of mirrors. For my advice on mirrors and how to turn ugly ones into pieces of art have a look at No Smoke and 20 Mirrors

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  1. Valerie Valerie

    Well thank you very much once again great ideas to galvanise me into being more adventurous than I would have been in the past. Can’t wait for the next blog brilliant!

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