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Towel Folding The Home Genie Way

Towel Folding The Home Genie Way

This is my post on towel folding – in the Home Genie style! If you can’t see the video click here.

Towel porn

Is that a thing, towel porn? I mean I know there are more important things happening in the world. But this stuff is serious. So take it seriously please.

towel folding: how to fold towels after
The Home Genie way
towel folding: how to fold towels before
The sloth way








If I come to your house and I see towels that have been folded by a sloth I am going to judge you. Not a lot, but just a little bit. The reason is that I have timed it and it takes approximately 4 seconds more to fold towels The Home Genie way, but boy are they seconds well spent.

towel folding: how to fold towels Why fold towels The Home Genie way?

  • Because it unclutters the mind
  • It will shut your mother in law up
  • It’s going to impress your new boy or girlfriend
  • It will confuse your husband and wife and they will feel the need to up their game in other ways…
  • It will increase your AirBnB popularity (only good if you actually want AirBnB guests!)
  • You can’t afford to do up your bathroom so this is a free way to upgrade on a small scale
  • You shouldn’t invest in refurbishing your bathroom until you know how to fold towels this way
  • It just looks ruddy good!

Seriously though…

I have seen many a bathroom – even in posh hotels – ruined by someone who doesn’t know how to fold towels. So I’m starting a revolution. Come with me. Or at least stay with me for the following.

towel folding: how to fold towels step 3
Step 3

Step 1

Spread the towel out so any label is on the inside (unless you want that label to be fully on show.

Step 2

Stretch out the ends if they have shrunk in the wash at all.

Step 3

Fold the two ends in to meet in the middle. It’s important you are quite anal about these being in the middle. You can use a ruler at first but soon you will get an eye for it. That was a joke.

towel folding: how to fold towels step 4
Step 4


Step 4

Fold in half along the join.

towel folding: how to fold towels step 5
Step 5

Step 5

Now imagine the length to be in 3 equal sections. Fold one end so there’s a third left and then fold the final end on top. Best to look at the picture or video for that bit!

towel folding: How to fold towels step 6
Step 6

Step 6

Turn it upside down so the stray ends are underneath.

And that’s your guide to towel folding The Home Genie way.

If neatness and order was one of your goals for 2018, check out my post on New Year home resolutions.



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  1. Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

    Towel porn! lol I’ll have to try that incase you come to judge me

    • I do hope that you’re mastering it now Stuart!

      • Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

        Yes boss, I’m ready for a house inspection!

          • Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

            I posted some the other week

  2. Julian Munns Julian Munns

    I think I have mastered it..towels beautifully folded..Thanks Georgina.

    • That’s great Julian – thank you right back at you!

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