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Underfloor Heating v Radiators

Underfloor Heating v Radiators

This is my post on the benefits of underfloor heating. If you can’t view the video click here.

I HATE radiators!underfloor heating wide

I think I’ve made it very clear in the past that I’m not a fan of ugly radiators! So for my first self build, top of my priority list was to be a ‘radiator eliminator’.

So obviously I was going to go for underfloor heating. I’d like to say thanks to everyone who recommended WMS as it’s been such a smooth ride with them.

I know talking about heating in this current heat seems strange, but it’s a great time to get yours sorted, rather than waiting for winter!

Now the lack of ugly radiators, which obviously also take up precious space, was just the tip of the ice berg, I’m also still haunted by the memory of my daughter touching a hot rad when she was a baby. But let me talk you through the other factors that led me to go with underfloor heating, in case you are toying with the idea.

Planet saving!

air source heat pumpAs you would expect, I’m always wanting to be as green as my budget allows. This is the main reason I went for an air source heat pump, which works brilliantly with underfloor heating. It’s worth thinking about with government legislation to ban boilers from 2025.

It was also comforting to know that the pipe WMS uses is made from a plastic called PERT. Apparently this is completely recyclable and doesn’t contain any of the toxins which cause so much damage to our planet.

One thing I’ve learned from my research is how dirty rads are, as they not only attract dust, but also circulate it via convection heating.

This is not only gross but a more serious problem for those with allergies. Because underfloor systems use radiant heat, it’s not a concern.

Space saving!

underfloor heating loungeThis is a neat build and I wanted to maximise every last inch so frankly radiators weren’t even going to get a look in –  it would have been a design nightmare darling!

Really importantly, I’m a reptile, but I don’t like to use more than my fair share of energy. So what I’m loving about this is the even temperature which gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and out!

If you want to hear more about my air source heat pump, check out my blog post and video here.

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!
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  1. Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

    I’ve got electric underfloor heating and as you say its nice to have a constant temperature. No getting up during the night or 1st thing in the morning to a freezing cold house. I remember the days as a school kid putting clothes in the tumble drier to get warm as my parents got the coal fire up and running!
    Air source heat pumps are very popular even here in Shetland.

    • Yeah I can imagine it makes a huge difference with Shetland temperatures!

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