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Ad. How To Refurbish Your Kitchen Worktop

How To Refurbish Your Kitchen Worktop

This is my post on refurbishing your kitchen worktop. If you can’t view the video, please click here. Although this video was sponsored by Brewers, the opinions are my own.

Kitchen worktop woes!

kitchen worktop beforeI love a wooden kitchen worktop, but this one had started to look like it had had a TOWIE fake tan!

Plus I was ready for a change but didn’t want to do a total kitchen overhaul.

So I popped to my local Brewers and came across a white Osmo Polyx-Oil tint which I knew would be just the ticket to make it look less like the worktop had been tangoed!

Here’s how you do it

First of all, you need to sand away the surface – it’s a bit like removing my makeup at night!

So you want to start with up to 80 grit sandpaper and work your way through the whole of the worktop.

Clear away any dust and then move onto a finer sandpaper. Finish the sanding with a 120 grit.

You then need to thoroughly remove any dust – it’s worth even using a vacuum for this followed by a wipe with a lint-free cloth.

You might then want to fill any dents or holes with wood filler.

kitchen worktop oilGet tinting!

Once down to the bare wood you can apply the white tint. Now I did a test patch of this before I decided to use it, which is definitely worth doing to make sure you’re happy with the result.

This oil is suitable for floors and furniture and safe for humans, animals and plants once dry.

Plenty of ventilation is needed when applying it and for kitchen worktops you need to add a food safe oil afterwards.

kitchen worktop close upIf you were doing the floor you would use a long-armed roller or brush, but for the worktop I used a brush.

This is hard-wearing and extremely tough stuff for interior wooden surfaces. It’s scratch and scuff-resistant and protects against spills (which we have a lot of in this house!).

Once you’ve applied one coat wipe away any excess residue with a lint free cloth and leave to dry for 8-10 hours.

And the result…

I can’t believe how much this has refreshed the room.

kitchen worktop after24 hours later, I finished it off by applying in the same way Osmo’s Top Oil in Natural from Brewers, which is food safe and will help to keep the white crisp.

Going forward we are going to use Osmo’s Spray Cleaner but only once this has had 2-3 weeks to cure, so the family is under strict instructions to leave well alone – because of course they always listen to me!

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