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Why Is Upcycling A Popular Trend?

Why Is Upcycling A Popular Trend?

This is my post on why is upcyling a popular trend. If you can’t view the video, please click here.

What is upcycling?

According to the dictionary, ‘upcycling’ means ‘to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original.

Personally though, I like to say it’s the reincarnation of rubbish and by rubbish I mean something that would have ended up adding to landfill.

So that’s magical right? That’s why upcycling is a popular trend.

I’d go one step further though, and say it’s about injecting your personality into something.

It’s also a total myth that it should be considered ‘shabby’. You can actually get a really sophisticated look when upcycling is done right.

My upcycled build

When I was filling and styling my recent self-build I wanted to do it with as much second hand, upcycled items as possible – so barely buying anything. I’ve actually done really well.

I’m going to start with these side tables. There were two of them just left outside of someone’s house. They were broken plain Formica rubbish. But I fixed and painted them and did this marbling effect on the top to go with the room, and I just love them.

Pallet Power

This pallet has been filled with air plants from LoveTillys to make the ideal wall planter.

You only have to spray them once a week so they’re easy to look after. But you can glue them to items so you can really come up with some amazing wall art.

I’ve also made a chandelier with air plants out of an old bike wheel as well. It was a cast off from a local bike shop which I’ve painted copper. I then added air plants and fairy lights.

Making the most of leftovers

And then, probably my largest item of upcycled furniture is this table and benches. Now, I didn’t make these, Dave my side kick made these to my design.

It’s made out of the left over joists from building this property because you always buy slightly more than you need when building a place.

I also have some chunky shelves out of the left overs.

For the TV corner unit, I went to my favourite charity furniture shop Abacus and painted that. It was only £20 and easily upccyled.

In the bedroom I wanted gold side tables, so I’ve upcycled these second hand pieces. I also painted the lampshades to go with the rest of the room.

I have also reupholstered the headboard, that was also from Abacus. It had a horrible faux brown leather which I covered with some fabric.

Spice up your home

In the shower room I upcycled some spice racks, actually I did that in both the shower rooms.

Downstairs, we have a charity shop mirror by the front door which became quite striking once painted as it used to be a little bit of a dirty brown colour.

And then in the bedroom, again the side tables were upcycled to get that injection of lime in there. I’ve got an old Ikea corner unit I’ve saved and added life to.

Probably my favourite upcycle in this whole build though is my Great Grandmother’s mirror. It’s not worth anything really, apart from the sentimental value, and so I painted that grey to go in the shower room.

So, I feel like I’ve done very well with my upcycles.

Which is your favourite? Please do comment to let me know!

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