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Highlights Of The Year – My Top Home Buys Of Last Year

Highlights of the year

This is my post on highlights of the year – my favourite interior purchases of last year. If you can’t see the video and pictures, click here. This video was taken from a Facebook live chat so will have inferior quality and you need to be logged into Facebook to see it.

Purchase power

So what is at the top of my shopping list usually? Handbags – not really bothered. Shoes – can take or leave them. Anything for the home though and I can’t resist.

I’m usually happy with what I get and rarely have any regrets. They do actually shape the year for me as they add all these special touches to my home.

So for my Facebook live this week I thought I’d reflect on my favourite interior buys from last year.

highlights of the year - orange cushionThe future is orange

I used to hate orange. Truly, I couldn’t bear it. I am always going to see 2017 as my year of colour though.

It was the year I decided to venture out of my grey comfort zone and my home is all the better for it.

In 2016 there is no way on earth I would have bought these orange cushions from Laura Ashley. Now I have them in my lounge though I have to say they make me smile every day.

highlights of the year pinkThink pink

For the same reason as above, I love this vase I got from Matalan and the bunch of faux flowers. They are so simple and cost next to nothing, but just radiate colour in my formerly bland grey bedroom.

Art attack

highlights of the year artOK so I didn’t actually buy this as the marvellous Yvonne Coomber thrilled me by giving it to me as a present after we filmed a video together. I still have to include it though.

Yvonne’s style and use of colour is truly room changing. If you like the frame I’m going to show you how to make that in a future post.

Chaise longing

I bang on about my Edwardian chaise longue, but it was a dream come true having one. I also worked so hard on reupholstering it so I feel very attached.

It’s such a dream sitting on it (on the rare occasion I sit down), particularly when the sun comes through the window. I feel very spoilt.

You can watch me bringing it back to life here.

highlights of the year lampsGenie’s lamps

These two lamps I got from The Range are on the list. I just think considering how little they cost they add so much to my lounge. I particularly like the smaller one which is solar powered. It sits on my window sill and comes alive at night.

These are rad!

I also love my Jali radiator covers. They have completely transformed my lounge and dining room. highlights of the year radiators

I have a post and video about them out on Monday.

And those are my home purchase highlights of the year.

Show and tell

Thank you to all of you who joined me for this Facebook live and shared your own highlights of the year. Stuart Terris loved the orca canvas print he bought last year. It was a Vic Reeves print for Geeza King. Daniel Rice loves his dark wooden TV unit. Although she didn’t buy it, Amy Tinsley adores the family cushion she made last year.

Let me know yours in the comments section.

Come join me over at The Home Genie TV page on Facebook for next week’s live chat.

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