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DIY Week Awards With The Home Genie

DIY Week Awards

This is my post about the DIY Week Awards. If you can’t view the full post or video please click here.

DIY Week Awards crashing!

As you know, I love all things home improvement related and there’s nothing quite like watching people win. So I decided to soak up the atmosphere at the DIY Week Awards.

DIY Week Awards signIt was also a great way to research what products are leading the way in the industry.

This was the DIY Week Awards’ eighth year and the best and brightest brands from the DIY, home improvement and garden sectors were there.

Of course everyone wants to win, but it was a great crowd, a really fun and friendly bunch.

Drilling down to the detail

What was great, from my point of view, was that I got to hear about some really interesting products I hadn’t necessarily come across before. Here are the winners:

Hand Tool & Accessory of the Year
 Olympia Tools UK Gorilla Block Buster Bolster

This is a tool for cutting blocks/bricks safely, accurately and quickly. It also removes wall or floor tiles and outside wall rendering – something many of us have battled with!

DIY Week Awards DuluxDecorating Product of the Year
 AkzoNobel Dulux Roller Tester

This is a mini tester roller, so you can try out Dulux paints as they will be seen when rollered onto the wall, rather than the familiar brushed on smear!

They come in the ready-made Dulux colours as well as their colour-mixing range. Dulux also won the Digital Investment prize.

Electronic DIY Product of the Year
 Bosch Home & Garden Universal Inspect

DIY Week Awards BoschThis is a digital inspection camera with an 8mm head, internal storage for 8 images and 180° image rotation, among many other features! They also won Power Tool of the Year and Judges’ Choice with their Home & Garden EasyCut 12

Garden Leisure Product of the Year
 QEP Homelux Colour Changing LED Cube/Stool

This is as it says really! Very cool for a modern, funky garden.

Garden Care Product of the Year 
Riverco Trading Frogsuit Wood Treatment

This is a water repelling, solvent based oil which contains UV filters to prevent weathering. It also has active ingredients to help protect wood against rot, insecticidal attack and surface mould.

It contains natural oil as well to help nourish and protect – I might actually try it on my face and see if I stop getting wrinkles! Please note this is a joke and is NOT advised…

DIY Week Awards YaleSecurity Product of the Year 
Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock

For someone who regularly loses her front door key, this is awesome! You basically use your phone as your key, but you can also give access to friends or family if needs be. Loads of other features too – VERY exciting!

DIY Product of the Year
 Henkel Unibond No More Nails Click & Fix

This is the first of its kind in construction adhesives, it’s basically a pre-dosed mounting glue applicator. The simple (and less messy) ideas are always the best! Henkel actually won 3 awards in total.

DIY Week Awards Vin VaraOther winners, for your interest, were…

D&M Tools, Hafod Hardware, Axminster Tools & MachineryWalton Flooring Centre, Tool Shop, Bents Garden & Home.

And industry personality of the year was Vin Vara of Tool Shop. Having chatted to him I could definitely see why!

What I found really refreshing about the DIY Week Awards was that there was a real mix of the global players, as well as the more independent outfits.

It really was fantastic to hear about all these innovations, helping us passionate do it yourselfers to erm…do it ourselves!

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  1. Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

    The dulux mini roller testers are a great idea – so much better than a brush smear as you say.

    Vin Vara sure looks like a character – even if your interview was interrupted ha ha

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