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Ad. How to Decorate a Bathroom

How to decorate a bathroom

This is my post on how to decorate a bathroom. If you can’t view the video, click here.

Start and end the day right!

You use your bathroom every day right?

bathroom bath
Veronica Rodriguez

It’s where you start and end the day, so it’s important it can withstand the wear and tear.

When decorating a bathroom, therefore, it’s essential you use the appropriate products, particularly if you want it to stay looking good.

So I thought I’d give you my pearls of wisdom on the matter and all the products I’m talking about you can get from your local Brewers Decorator Centres.

Wallpaper in the bathroom? Say whaaaaaat?!

I think that wallpaper can be a brilliant way of adding character to what can otherwise be a fairly sterile space.

basins bathroomVinyl is most suitable, but you can use Anaglypta painted with eggshell.

Or a tip that one of my friends from Brewers gave me was to add a couple of coats of matt decorators varnish to standard wallpaper.

Now, I did this six years ago and it’s still going strong and it does mean the wall’s your oyster when it comes to wallpaper designs!

You only need to varnish paper in areas close to wet zones, although it’s best to avoid wallpapering splash zones altogether. Wainscotting helps to distance these in my bathroom.

You also want to make sure you have sufficient ventilation to avoid the steam from breaking down the adhesive.

Painting your bathroom

For walls and ceilings, as it’s usually a relatively small space in the bathroom, the ideal would be to use an acrylic eggshell, which will give you a low odour. But you could also use a durable matt.

Tiling your bathroom

I’ve ripped out some pretty hideous tiles over the years when renovating properties, but you could save time and money by simply painting them. But you only want to do this with tiles away from splash zones like around the bath, shower and basins.

First of all, clean the tiles thoroughly, then use a trade quality MSP from Bedec or Rust-oleum. Zinsser Allcoat will also work.

An alternative is to use an adhesion primer like Zinsser 123 followed by a water-based eggshell topcoat. This way you can design your own tiles too.

Breaking the mould

Obviously mould can be an issue in the bathroom so you may want to consider using a mould inhibitor paint like Zinsser Perma White or Dulux Mouldshield which will help control the growth of mould.

toilet bathroomAnd obviously silicone can be your saviour in the bathroom, but make sure you use a decent one like Brewers Bath and Sanitary Silicone.

I often advise people that if you just want to spruce up your bathroom, or indeed kitchen, using a grout pen to touch up discoloured grout can work wonders on refreshing the look and feel of the room.

Remember you can get hold of all of these products from your local Brewers, along with any advice you need.

Find your inner mermaid!

Just remember to keep your bathroom decor fresh by keeping the room fresh with plenty of air.

Use that extractor fan! It’s there for a reason!

bathroom mermaidAnd then make sure you do put time aside to really enjoy the magic of your new bathroom. Every now and then it’s good to discover the mermaid within!

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!

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