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How To Tie Dye

How to tie dye

This is my post on how to tie dye. If you can’t view the video, please click here.

Psychedelic interiors

teepee tie dyeSo psychedelic interiors are totally in right now!

One simple thing you can do to add that crazy colour to your home is to tie dye some eye-catching accessories.

How about cushion covers, a table cloth, throw, bed linen or even curtains?

You may have seen me doing this on ITV’s This Morning a couple of times so I thought I’d do a written guide.

this morning tie dyeIt really is simple and a lot of fun, once you know what you’re doing, so here we go…

Where to start

Firstly, the higher the cotton content of the fabric, the better the dye will take.

Make sure your fabric is clean and if it’s new give it a wash to remove the protective layer some manufacturers add, as this may block the dye.

You can start with dry or damp fabric. If it’s dry you get a crisper pattern, but damp fabric allows the colours to merge, so it depends on what look you’re going for.

Use elastic bands to tie the piece into sections. Here are some different designs you could go for:


bullseye undyed tie dyebullseye dyed tie dyebulleye end tie dye


nebula tie dyenebula dyed tie dyenebula end tie dye


crinkle tie dyecrinkle tie dye dyedcrinkle tie dye final

Sailor stripe

sailor tie dyesailor dyed tie dyesailor tie dye final

My personal favourites are the bullseye or the psychedelic spiral. spiral tie dye final

Here comes the fun part!

You can use lots of different types of dyes. If using powder dyes, make sure you use goggles and a mask as they can cause all manor of respiratory problems.

It’s also pretty messy, so I would advise using gloves – not that I take my own advice, you will notice!

hands tie dyeHere’s a great starter kit from Hobbycraft¬†you can get – no commercial relationship here by the way, I’ve just used it successfully a few times!

Make sure the area is covered – I love doing this outside as the dye really manages to get everywhere.

Add different colours to each section, really soaking it through.

Once the piece is covered, leave it somewhere safe to dry – away from little hands and paws!

bullseye 2 tie dyeI’d leave for at least six hours and then you can unravel your design.

It’s so exciting seeing what you’ve created – knowing it’s totally unique!

Give it a rinse through with cold, clean water and once dry, put out for all to admire!

Of course it’s also a great way to liven up your old clothes too, as you can see in this video.


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