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How To Paint Furniture That Is Upholstered

How To Paint Furniture That is Upholstered

This is my post on how to paint furniture that is upholstered. If you can’t view the full blog post and video please click here.


Paint fabric – say whaaaaaaat?!

how to paint furniture pain stoolA lot of people seem to struggle with the idea of chalk painting fabric. So I thought I’d give you a quick guide to get you started.

I have three items here that have been chalk painted. This piano stool was sort of a faux velvet to start. The end result was a lovely leathery feel with a cracked finish so it has an antique look to it.

how to paint furniture armchairThis armchair had quite a low pile so came out quite smooth, not really leathery, but not quite feeling like fabric. You can check out my video on this one as well.

Finally, this stool has quite a deep pile and has come out stiffer but still really works. This is a great beginner’s project so let’s get you started on something like this.

Here’s how to paint furniture including fabric:

  1. how to paint furniture beforeIf it has legs turn it upside down and paint them first so you can then move straight onto the fabric bit.
  2. Dip the brush in water before the chalk paint so you get a slightly watered down version.
  3. The darker the colour going on, the fewer coats you should need.
  4. You can get away with it being slightly damp for the next coat but the dryer the better really.
  5. Remember to get into creases that may open when pressure is applied.
  6. The final step is to add one or two coats of clear wax with a brush, because you don’t want to get a chalky bum if you sit on it!

how to paint furniture afterThis stool only needed one coat of Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint and one coat of Autentico Antique Turquoise, with a couple of touchups. Of course you need your final layer of wax – I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax with a brush. It took less than an hour in total.

Now it’s your turn

My final piece of advice is that if you have never chalk painted fabric before, do start with something small like this so you can get the hang of it!how to paint furniture Bonnie

Please please please send me any pictures of your efforts no matter how good or bad you feel the final result is!

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!

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