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Mood Board – The Home Genie Essential Guide

Mood board – The Home Genie essential guide

This is my post on creating an effective mood board. If you can’t view the full post or video, please click here.

Visualise to see the prize

mood board wholeIt can sometimes be hard for you and/or a partner to really visualise the potential of your home. Throwing all your ideas down in one place on a mood board can really help you along with this.

I ruddy love putting together a mood board, it seriously is a good night in for me these days (jeez when did my Friday nights come to this?!)

Seriously good fun though, so here’s my guide to creating a successful mood board.

mood board backgroundGo LARGE!

Start with a large board so you have plenty of space to go crazy with ideas. But don’t feel you need to stick to the parameters – bits jutting out are perfectly fine. Come on live a little!

I use a mixture of printouts from the Internet, magazines, brochures and photos I’ve taken.

Fill it!

You need to fill the background with your main chosen colour. Unless white is featuring in your scheme you don’t want to have any showing.

mood board pop colourIf you’re not too set in your ways your board will guide you on colour. If others creep in it may lead you in a different direction or reinforce your original choices.

It’s important to remember that a mood board is not about making decisions on exact colours, fabrics and patterns at this point, just getting the mood of the room. So you don’t need to be too prescriptive.

But do pay attention to the ratio of colours – you want to get a feel for how much of your pop colour you’re after, for example too much of this and it would change the whole look.mood board nature

Including different tones of the colour you’re using will help you to make the final decision.

Go natural

I like including scenes of my chosen colour in nature where they’re most harmonious. It’s actually quite amusing where I find inspiration, but I won’t share too much here!

Remember to include different textures, so fabric should definitely feature. mood board texturesIf there are textures you’re keen on having in the room it’s important to include these either in actuality or in image. I find myself nicking things all over the place because I’m quite tactile so if I find something that appeals to me…and it happens to have a thread coming loose…

Anything goes

Feel free to change your mind as you go. I only use sticky tack so I can remove, add and rearrange accordingly. Trust me I change my mind A LOT!

mood board plantsDon’t be too exacting on how you place items on your board as well – remember this is a creative dump, so anything goes!

If it doesn’t move, it goes on the board!

My rooms always have plants and flowers so I make sure these are included – not necessarily always real, but this mood board even has a piece of moss I fell in love with. It wouldn’t stick with blue tack though!

Remember you need to acknowledge the woods and metals you’re having in your room as they will have a big impact on the overall look, feel and sound – yeah really!

And that’s how you make a kicking mood board! Well don’t kick it actually, it takes a little while to put together…

In case you don’t know where to start, here’s some help with colour psychology.

Once you have your mood board you may need some home improvement tips!

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!

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  1. Stuart Terris Stuart Terris

    Good ideas! Its kind of similar to when I start any project, candle or computer software, brain storm a few idea’s, get them down on paper and see where it goes.

    Changing things on a mood board is easier than repainting a room if you don’t like the colour.

    Thanks Georgina

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