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Mindfulness Crafts For The New Year

Mindfulness Crafts For The New Year
This is my post on mindfulness crafts. If you can’t view the video please click here.

Mindfully crafty

Last year was ‘the year of productivity’ for me. Yes, I achieved a lot, including writing a book (which you can pre-order here!).

mindfulness dexterBut I don’t mind admitting that it really took its toll as the stress levels were rising. I was trying to fit in so much whilst making sure I didn’t miss out on time with my little girl (hubby barely got a look in!).

So I have decided that this year needs to be the year of mindfulness for me. I truly believe this will be the best way to get through the pandemic.

You can’t really get away from the term ‘mindfulness’ can you? I must admit I resisted for as long as I could, but realised it must live up to the hype in the end.

Dedicate to meditate

I started to tiptoe around it at the end of last year and tried a bit of meditation. I was kind of getting to grips with that on an almost daily basis, with great results.

But what occurred to me was that actually a lot of the crafty things I do are actually mindful. I just need to make more time for them.

So I thought I’d share some ideas with you that you could try out this year to become more chilled yourselves.

grand designs live annie sloanChalk it up

The first thing is obviously upcycling as the movement of painting can in itself be very meditative.

Of course you also have that sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished an item. The fact that you’ve recycled something feels good too.

If you’ve never chalk painted before, check out my beginner’s guide.

Or if you fancy chalk painting a fabric item, this post and video have been very popular.

mindfulness macrameMacrame a big deal

Another one that is very on trend is macramé, which is basically the art of knotting.

You could start off with a kit like this, which gives you everything you need, from the cord to the beads and rings. There’s also a guide as well.

Its simplicity means it can be a very mindful craft.

The art of mindfulness

mindfulness artSomething my husband and I have been trying is ‘painting by numbers’.

If you don’t really consider yourself to be an artist you could purchase one of these kits.

You get the canvas with all the numbered sections. They are pretty minute by the way so it does take a while! But you also get the numbered paint pots and the brushes as well.

This is a great way to get your mind really lost – you can’t wonder about life’s worries as you’re concentrating so hard!

mindfulness crochetCrochet’s the way

If you notice stress presents itself by fiddling with your hands, crochet can be the answer.

Once you get to grips with it you find it just flows. This is also something you could do when you’re travelling or just watching TV.

Litter pickers wear smaller knickers

Something else that comes to mind is not really crafty but is still worth considering.mindfulness litter

Many of you will know I love doing my annual litter picking marathon. Well I’ve decided I’m actually going to clear the streets more regularly after lockdown.

I already got into the habit of walking more than driving last year with my 13,000 steps a day. So now I’ve decided that I’m going to take take my litter picker with me wherever I go.

I hope this has inspired you to introduce a bit of crafty mindfulness into your life!

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!
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