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Sheds and Decking Makeover

Sheds and decking makeover

This is my advice on giving your sheds and decking a makeover. If you can’t view the video, please click here – I look forward to your comments!

This is my post on how to pimp sheds and decking. If you can’t see the video, please click here.

This rotting could have been avoided if this decking had been protected by something like Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain .

So I guess I’d better get cracking!

You know what I’m like and whilst the protection value of the product is key to prevent this kind of rot, where many such woodcare products let me down is the lack of choice of colour.

Osmo are the professional’s choice of woodcare though. Not only do they have a range of options, they also come in a plethora of colours to keep people like me happy!

Colour matters

Check out the various Brewers outlets that have Osmo tinting systems. If your local one doesn’t, you can order your choice of product in the colour you desire.

So you have the Country Shades’ in its Elements colours. These reflect nature, and can be mixed to any RAL, BS, NCS or Designer colours. These are opaque and satin.

Osmo Decking-Oils are transparent and satin. They’re available in its standard wood colour range with a view for you to match the colour of the wood you have. Custom colours can be also requested!

But I’m going for Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain. It’s transparent and ideal for decking and sheds.

I’ve gone for the same Blue Badis colour but this particular range offers transparency. I love that you can see the grain of the wood for an even more natural look!

You can get this range mixed up to RAL, NCS, BS colours as well as any of its standard range, all of which in either Satin or Matt!

Prep and prep again!

The decking is in such a state it will all need replacing which means I can apply the oil directly. It looks like this shed had some sort of varnish originally, so I’m just going to sand it back first.

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain is a foundation and topcoat in one. It protects against mould, algae and fungal attack and is long lasting. So I shouldn’t have to do this again in a while thank goodness!

Remember to always test out colours to make sure you’re happy. I’ve gone for this colour because it has a natural feel to it, but also compliments my interior choice of colour. This means the two don’t jar when you’re looking out of the window – yep that really does matter!

This offers a durable, long lasting finish, protecting from the weather and its UV filters protect the colour from sunlight too.

It’s rapid technology also means you can do two coats in one day, which is music to my ears.

Well I think you’ll agree that it’s made a huge difference, and it will be quite a few years before I have to do this again!

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