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Plasterboard Fixings Solution – The Duck Foot (Ad)

Plasterboard Fixings Solution – The Duck Foot

This is my post about The Duck Foot – a solution to your plasterboard fixings woes! To view the full post and video click here.


plasterboard fixings broken

I love a shelf me, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a plain wall interesting. Of course you can also ring the changes depending on your mood.

But over and over again I come across shelves that don’t work. By that I mean they keep falling down – aaaaaargh!

plasterboard fixings the duck foot

Nine times out of 10 it’s because they haven’t been fixed properly to a hollow plasterboard wall.

But now I’ve come across the perfect solution to this first world problem ‘The Duck Foot‘.

Here’s how it works:

plasterboard fixings drill

1. You connect The Duck Foot to your bit holder.

2. Drill it directly into the wall.

3. Stop when the plastic leg touches the wall.

4. Bend the plastic leg and push The Duck Foot into the drilled hole.

plasterboard fixings other side

5. Insert the screw to the attachment and push it into the anchor.

6. Tighten the screw until it stops.

It works on hollow, internal, single or double layer plasterboard walls of 12- 26mm. You can knock on your wall to hear if it’s hollow behind.

plasterboard fixings catYou don’t need any special tools or to be skilled to use this by the way.

It only makes a 12mm hole and will take up to 50kg in sheer load. So if you need to put up TVs, mirrors, kitchen units, curtain rails or heavy lighting – The Duck Foot will be your friend.


plasterboard fixings end

Oh and cats and small children are also not a problem – can you just imagine how much fun we had filming this video?!

Purchase The Duck Foot here.

For more information go to: – do let me know how you get on with it.

Check out my post on how to put up a shelf and ideas for dressing it here.

Please do write your comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have, hear your feedback or any advice you have to offer my readers!

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  1. Martyn Gallop Martyn Gallop

    Hi Georgina…

    Your video convinced me that this product was the right solution to the challenge I faced in fitting a 40kg mirror to a stud wall.
    I have tried to purchase the Duck Foot Anchor and contacted the telephone number you put up; regrettably no-one is answering the call or responding to messages I have left, so it looks like the UK distributor may have folded.
    In spite of my attempts to find another route to get hold of the product I have failed….do you have any suggestions on how I might manage this??

    Thanks, Martyn

    • Oh no, I’m so sorry about that. I doubt they’ve folded but I’m sure I can get some better details. Thanks so much for pointing this out, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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