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Painted Kitchen Units To Save Money (ad)

Painted Kitchen Units To Save Money

This is my post and video on how painted kitchen units can save you money and the environment. If you can’t view the video, please click here.

Not so much out with the old!

Kitchens sell houses, we all know that, and it’s because for many of us it’s become the hub of the home.

painted kitchen beforeBut what happens if you have a kitchen that is in perfectly good working order, but it’s just a bit dated or the colour isn’t your cup of tea?

Well you can save yourself thousands of pounds, by simply popping to your local Brewers to choose the appropriate paint and getting a professional in to paint the units.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done with a place I’ve been renovating in Folkestone.

Pro or DIY?

painted kitchen proI say get a pro in, because this is a job that needs to be done properly if you want to add value to your kitchen and for it to look good for longer.

If you are skilled and have the time though, it’s definitely something you could have a go at yourself.

First things first, you need to clean the units. It’s best to use sugar soap or methylated spirit to remove grease and grime that might prevent the paint from adhering.

Wash all surfaces afterwards with fresh water and allow them to dry.

painted kitchen primerObviously, remove the doors and any furniture before painting.

The products I used for these painted kitchen units

These units are laminate so we used Zinsser B-I-N from Brewers. Zinsser 1-2-3 ais also a suitable product.

If your cupboards are solid wood you could sand them back, but using this multi surface primer will save you a lot of time and money as it adheres to most materials and finishes.

painted kitchen primedIf painting onto bare wood there are other primers and substrates you would use, which you can ask about in your local Brewers.

You should only need one coat of the Zinsser, but your decorator will advise you on this.

It’s a minimum of an hour before the topcoat can be applied.

It’s worth mentioning that some decorators will prefer to use spray application, which gives a slightly different finish.

Save money and the environment

painted kitchen samplesOf course painting, rather than replacing your kitchen units leads to not only saving money but also the environment, as you prevent decent furniture from being sent to landfill in the name of fashion.

Talking of fashion though, the great thing about this project is that the world was my oyster when it came to colour as I used Brewers’ colour matching service to find my perfect hue of Albany eggshell.

Your decorator will need to do at least two coats of the topcoat.

I went for eggshell because I like the flatter finish. The more glossy the finish though, the more durable it will be, which is important in a busy area like the kitchen.

I also opted for acrylic as it’s almost odourless and quick-drying so can be recoated from about 6 hours, depending on the conditions. Genrally the warmer and drier the conditions the quicker the recoat time.

If opting for oil-based paint, your decorator will need PPE to cope with the fumes, which is worth bearing in mind if you are living at the property. They will also need to wait at least 16 hours in between coats, again depending on the conditions.

painted kitchen afterTada! A brand newish kitchen!

Look at this! I love the fact that this kitchen is now totally unique without the price tag of a bespoke model.

What a transformation!

Please do let me know what you think in the comments section. Also, if this post and video was useful to you, you might enjoy the following:

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